Where is the 2012 CC we were promised?

I was just told that the 2012 Volkswagen CC with the updated interior is awaiting final emission certification and should be available at dealers around early Feb. VW is also hoping that by that time the remaining 2010 model year CC s have been sold. If you cant wait any longer you can get a 2010 CC with 0% financing or a 2011 with 0.9%  APR financing.



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  1. VWOA give us a 5-seater please, with 4-motion? Thanks!

  2. I’m struggling to understand why VW would release a 2012 CC so early in CY2011. And why with only a refreshed interior? Perhaps it is to introduce the 5 seat option to fill the step above a jetta size category now that the “old” passat is gone.

  3. Any word on if there will be any new option packages, or will the changes just be cosmetic?

  4. The CC shares the same interior as the european Passat which was just facelifted so the 2012 CC will get the interior from that model.

  5. Will there be a diesel option available; and is that real leather…please say yes?

  6. How is the CC different from the Passat, aside from outside appearance? Is it more sporty? How does it compare to the GTI?

  7. I gave up on the CC. VW keeps messing with it, changing the content, etc. Just when I was ready to buy a 2011 they took the leather out, which was important to me. I thought I’d wait on the 2012, but nothing changed with content. From the January sales numbers a lot of other people gave up too. I figured if I had to drop close to 40k to get leather and have to buy the thirsty VR6 I’d just buy an Audi, which I did. I think customers want more, not less from VW, or at least the option to pay for more as they have in the past. (leather and LED tail lights should be in the Lux Plus…now we’re talkn’)

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