First look: 2012 Passat for US


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  1. cheap plastics or soft touch?

    clock mounted on the center vents? I’d fire the team! What’s wrong with using the German Passat interior? {} I hope this was just pulled from the web to keep the juices flowing.

    good quality leather or junk?

    7-speed DSG with the 2 liter!

    4Motion with the 2 liter for crying out loud!

    Bi-Xexon or junk halogen?

  2. I do hope they offer a TDI on this car.
    Otherwise I would not consider buying one.
    Any news?

  3. Where’s the following – BiXenon lights, 2T engine, 4Motion, full leather, DSG-6 or 7, Sport/Comfort suspension?

    Lets hope the Jetta GLI will be an option!

    If the GTI was available in silver leaf we would order today even without 4Motion!

    Come on VW…Passat for the Americans…please.

  4. Great resource and thanks for putting this together!

    VW spends billions and delivers the new Passat? The German Passat is what is need to fill the gap in the product line!

    Use the Jetta as a low cost volume product!

    This is the biggest let down since our attempt to order a CC last week with two tone leather -> not an option on a 40K car!


  5. The NMS has a new name that fits the “americanized version” and it’s called “Pass That” because I will not even consider buying this cheap version to replace my 2006 Passat! Why did’nt we get the european Passat which is beautiful?

  6. Yet another VW “designed” for america. Big disapointment! If VW loyalist wanted american we’d buy a chevy. Soon, VW lots will be nothing but a sea of hard plastic and buckets of glue sitting around to put trim pieces back on. Hope VW is listening, this is NOT what we want!

  7. Sloppy!

    Look at the radio/AC stack (round peg, square hole)…standard VW parts stuffed into a trapezoidal shape that doesn’t mirror the central tunnel (what’s the extra plastic around the stack? Tight tolerances, really?)! Butt ugly, glued on analog clock…how are the center vents closed? What’s with the over completed door panels? Couldn’t the Fender speaker fit into the CC panels or previous Passat panels? Who wants to look at the Fender logo ontop of the dash? Manual ER brake? No 2T engine. No DSG? No 4Motion with 2T, DSG? VR6 gas pig when the 2T can be remapped (Audi A4, TTS, etc). Assembled in Tenn. the last time VW assembled the Rabbit in Penn. it was a POS. Auto unions and de-contenting will destroy the Passat legacy! Old VW fans will not tolerate this, VW enthusiast will not tolerate this and new potential VW customers will buy a Sonata SE or any number of other asian cars. As someone who has waited for over a year to buy the “face lifted european Passat” made in america this is a seriously depressing day! Damnit! Possible this is a preproduction unit and with all the out cry it will NOT be the final product but to wait until fall for a new car is going to be a stretch since many manufacture are offering new updated models (BMW, Hyuandi, even Ford and Gov. Motors)

  8. Third generation VW owner, currently with 4 models however, the new Jetta and Passat in all likelyhood will force us to move to another brand (first time in 50 years). We’re tired of NOT RECEIVING the EUROPEAN model but instead receive the crap from Mexico and now Tennessee.

  9. I just re-read the fine print on Passat TDI. It says that this new 2.0 Diesel will require Urea Injection and 15,000 mile Urea refills. I am not sure yet – what to think about it. But it’s making me think twice…

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