2012 Passat driving scenes


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  1. Not bad…I knew it was gonna be a Passat. VW can’t kill that name off. Now for the GLI…come on Feburary

  2. Great site/blog. Thanks for taking the time. I’m getting a 2010 GTI tomorrow. I’m ‘downgrading’ from an ’09 Infiniti M45x (fully loaded) to save money. I can’t remember ever being so excited about a downgrade. My monthly payments will be less than half of my current car payment. My mpg will be about 8 mpg better, and I’m getting a car that I have dreamed of owning for many years, but just couldn’t for various reasons of space requirements, etc. Now I can, and can save a ton of money to boot. What a pleasure. I’m going to be visiting your blog frequently to learn about my car and other VW stuff. My first task is to try to figure out how on earth you’re meant to pair your bluetooth phone with the GTI that has the Nav, upgraded sound system, etc.). Everything else in the touch screen nav, radio, etc. seems extremely intuitive. But in settings I couldn’t find anything for the phone/bluetooth, and when I select ‘Phone’, it mutes my radio or dvd, but does nothing else. :-). Thanks a lot


  3. The 2010 GTI does not support that feature, the 2011 does

  4. SEL, 2-Liter turbo, 7-speed DSG, 4Motion, Silver Leaf, independent rear suspension, leather seats, bi-xexon and I’m interested unless it becomes the typical blue collar union piece of crap out of Tennessee. It took BMW almost 9 years to finally produce a “german BMW’ out of S Carolina!

  5. Hopefully the build quality is better than the new Jetta. I was really dissapointed during a test drive last week. Everything felt cheap and it was very loud on the road. It was tough for my wife to hear me on bluetooth.

    I’ve owned an 04 Jetta and an 06 Passat and it was terrible compared to either of them. I would have bought a loaded Jetta with the new larger leg room, but I ended up in a 2011 CC instead.

  6. How do you say Jetta XL? Back is pretty cool but the front is uber boring. Is this supposed to be middle of the road VW with the CC being the high end sedan? That’s the impression I get.

  7. Jay,

    Next time you speak with VW reps tell them to bring the european Passat and Jetta to america at any price!

    The teasing with the NCC and NMS then delivering the new Jetta and Passat is irritating! It seems that some old duffer in germany thinks that any labeled with a VW will sell like the bug in the 1960’s and it won’t…

    If VW wants to compete with the asian imports then it’s not going to be on price. With few exceptions the asian “premium” products are the same or better here than abroad, expect the junk Government Motors has been turning out for years.

    Again, where’s the european Passat?

    Case S.

    • I agree with Casey. I currently own a Tiguan and love it. The new Jetta and Passats remind me of the old Hyundai’s – no risk taking, no energy. Just look at Veloster and the Passat at theDetroit auto show…

  8. So when will we know full specs and package pricing on the new Passat? I want to know what wheel bolt pattern and offset the new car has? When it will go on sale? When the Wagon version will go on sale? I am very interested in this new Passat and I need to plan my purchase…

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