2012 Volkswagen CC gets refreshed interior

Here is a look at the interior of the 2o12 Volkswagen CC for the US.  The cars should hit dealers any day now


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  1. Very cool! Thanks, Jay!

  2. Jay, Did you get those pictures from the VW website? I went there and could only find the 2011 photo gallery.

  3. http://www.vw.de – copy and paste…where’s the true North American version with 4Motion, Turbo, two-tone leather, etc.?

  4. …forgot, DSG, Bi-Xexon, Comfort/Sport mode suspension!

  5. Rachael and Robert

    I agree with Saul, the we would buy a german “fully” spec’d VW CC especially with 4Motion (i.e. non-V6) as soon as any US dealer could place an order. My husband just can’t get past the Audi A4 gaping mouth…

    We will have to wait to buy a Jetta for the girls until the GLI is announced because as a previous Jetta owner the current model is has, ah, gone slumming in quality!

    We will also look at the NMS but, if it’s been designed for fatties and floats down the road then for the first time since 1978 we might be without a VW…moving onto a BMW 😦


    • Well…as we have been let down again, the new Passat should be called “Pass That” (read the quote on another forum) because we refuse to buy anything when a company starts cutting corners for profit. We have no problem spending money for quality but this is insulting compared to the 2011 and hugely insulting to americans in general when compared to the european Passat (now that’s what we should be importing)! If the Jetta GLI is another flop then the girls might be driving a BMW. We’re just not an asian car family!

  6. There are great things coming!

  7. Has a third seat been added to the backseat or is it still two buckets?

    As for NMS – why are we getting another sedan in the lineup? I’m perplexed by the VW NA strategy.

    And for those who have been wondering about the NMS wagon, I received this reply from a customer service rep. at VW.com…


  8. Thank you for contacting Volkswagen. We’re glad to see your interest in the exciting New Midsize Sedan (NMS)!

    The German-designed, American-made NMS is scheduled to arrive at US dealers around Fall 2011. There are no plans, however, to offer this model in a wagon version. We apologize for any disappointment this may cause. Specific vehicle options and package configurations are based on our current marketing objectives, past years’ sales, and extensive US market analysis. Customer feedback is also always a driving force in the production of new models, and we’re grateful you took the time to share your feedback with us.

    More information about the NMS will be released after the NMS’s unveiling next month at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

  9. I’d like to see full size views of the slides at the bottom of the picture. Where can this be found?

  10. I see the KESSEY keyless button on the shifter surround.
    One can only wish, but I dont think this is making it to the US.

  11. Jay,

    Will the CC become a “cheap and ugly” american version like the new Passat? 😦


  12. What will the exterior of the new CC be seen and when will the new CC become available?

  13. the price for this car is very reasonable as compared to other cars from VW.
    if the specs and features are considered then this is very good car and even the $27000 to $38000 price tag is also good.
    the mileage is very nice with 21 to 31 mpg. Great car

  14. As a long time VW driver, I’m completley disgusted with the new Passat. What is VW Group thinking. I have has a 2002 1.8T Passat a 2003 V-6 Wagon Passat and now a 2007 Wolfsburgburg Passat in Red. I will not be buying a 2012 Passat. Before then Passat stood out and had great performance. Now, they have the 170 HP engine as the standard powerplant. I think thay have been to to many Octoberfest. Thank goodness for the CC. My wife will be trading in her Wolfsburg Passat this summer for the CC. I will keep driving my 2008 GTI and hope they wake up and smell the bratwurst. VW, Please study your true market. Your true buyes will be leaving if you stay this course.

  15. My new 2012 CC has a defect with the tire sensors for ABS, speedometer, and tire pressure. Apparently the sensor does not communicate with the module and all 2012 CC are not in a stop-sale. My new car has a recall with no fix! Any idea when they are gonna fix this issue and give me my car back!

    • Well they fixed it and it’s doing great, thus really is a beautiful and great driving automobile! We got the lux plus black with beige and black interior with wood trim. It’s gorgeous!

  16. Hi,
    2012 CC seems to have many defects as from the above discussion…but looking at mileage it seems as a great car… Even I’m searching for the recalls, guess its date has been not fixed yet…

  17. Wolf Beinfang

    Bought a black stick shift Passat in January 1998. The “Automotive Equivalent Of The Black Turtleneck Sweater”, they said. Today it has 205,000 miles and uses about 1/2 quart of oil in 2 months. I drive it as fast as I can. I think I could get it to go a million miles pretty easily. However I need a really good B5 mechanic. The dealers used to heve plaques on the wall documenting the Training sessions they had been through, not any more. On the one hand, you could actually replace the turbo with a big one, and a few other tuner mods and the engine can make 325 hp. I think this car has a current value of about <$3,000. It is in perfect shape, with 10 spoke black wheels and 225/45 17 Michelin Pilot AS Plus (what a tire). Now we will probably get a new CC. Black stick shift. Have I noticed that as a used car the CC has a very high resale? My advice to VW is: Do not cheapen the offering, but get the weigh out of it. Do not sell at dealers that also sell Hyundai. Ask me about Dealer Service Departments.

    • I too bought a 1999 Passat new in 1998. It has 162k on it, and is starting to be in need of expensive repairs, so i am looking at a CC. The problem is i love the B5’s handling, feel, etc. and the CC just doesn’t feel the same. it looks great, but i believe it is built on the Jetta platform, whereas the B5 was designed as an Audi. So for me, maybe an A4 is what i am looking for.

  18. Hallo, pls I have issues with my vw golf 6 2009 bluetooth connectivity.. it’s keeps saying in compatible device(iPhone 6 and blackberry Z10) and I have tried connecting with my friends devices(Nokia and Samsung S3) but still same issues of incompatibility, did the reset module tutorial u posted on YouTube which is by removing the box under the passenger seat n unplugging the and reconnecting after some minute but still hasn’t connected to my fone.. pls is there any other solution u could try because basically it searches n finds devices but wen I try connecting it says incompatible

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