What to look forward to in 2011

Before you read on know that this info is NOT OFFICIAL or issue by Volkswagen and that the dates may change at any given moment


Jan :  2011 Jetta TDI sedan will be in dealers nationwide. 2012 CC hits dealers with updated interior and new features. 2012 NMS makes its debut and gets a real name (Passat?)

Feb: 2012 GLI makes its online debut, 2011 Routan show up at dealers lots

March: Touared Hybrid goes on sale. 2012 EOS goes on sale

April: 2012 GLI goes on sale. 2012 Beetle debuts at NYIAS

June: NMS ordering beggins

July: Golf R gets shown at Waterfest in NJ. Pre sale website goes online

August: 2012 GTI with new wheels and (possible) optional LED HIDs shows up

Sept: NMS goes on sale

Nov: 2012 Beetle goes on sale

Dec: 2012 Jetta Hybrid makes its debut, 2012 Golf R goes on sale


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  1. Will the 2012 CC be a facelift model just the Eos and Europe Passat? Will LED headlight and KESSY System be available on the VR6 Executive trim.

    • What other changes will be on the 2012 CC ? Will power folding mirrors finally be available on the VR6 trim and how about the brown leather interior. I have my 2008 Passat VR6 lease coming up in six months and I want to see what’s new for 2012 on the CC or I could go order an Audi Q5 with all the goodies and LED DRL and Nav and power folding mirrors 2.0T all for $43,200.

  2. Fritz :
    Will the 2012 CC be a facelift model just like the Eos and Europe Passat? Will LED headlight and KESSY System be available on the VR6 Executive trim.

  3. Lets hope the exterior remains the same, up date the interior (i.e. leather corn silk, two tone or red) and 4Motion with the 2L…and return the dang Dynaudio!

  4. Any word on the Polo? A Polo with a TDI?

    Come on VW! Give us a small car option! I know lots of people like myself that are ready to buy a Fit, Fiesta, or even an Iq sized car this next year. If VW doesn’t offer us a car the size of the original Rabbit, we will buy elsewhere.

    The Polo Tdi would be an instant success in this country. So would the Up!

  5. Jay,

    Thanks for what you are doing with this blog. I just got a 2011 Golf TDI and the manual just plain sucks. I think it was written a year before they decided what the equipment would be because almost nothing in the manual matches my car! BTW: I noticed after I got the car home that the factory sticker calls out “Bluetooth connectivity” as a $295 option, yet everything I’ve read, including on the VW web site, says Bluetooth is standard on a TDI. Have you seen this before? (I have contacted VW for comment as well)

  6. I’m excited to see that the new GLI will be available soon. However, I was looking forward to the jetta coupe. Any word on that?

  7. Can anyone PLEASE tell me if NMS will have a wagon version? My 2008 Jetta lease ends soon and I have to decide if I should snatch up a 2010 Passat Wagon while I still can, or if I should wait to see if the NMS will offer a wagon. Would September be the earliest a wagon would hit the lots?

  8. Jay.. Any word on when the Passage CC facelifted model will be for sale in the US? Or is that the same as the 2012 model?

  9. Any idea what the “new” wheel on the GTI looks like? Same as the one on new Jetta GLI?

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