2011 Volkswagen bluetooth phonebook voice command fix (9W7)


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  1. This is awesome Jay! I am having this exact problem! Sadly, I have a Jetta SE. Do you know of ANY other possible way for me to fix this?

  2. I just purchased a 2011 tdi sportwagen 2 weeks ago. I LOVE it!!!
    I have been using an HTC Verizon Droid Incredible (ADR6300).
    The first day I got my car, the phone paired and connected right up with the Bluetooth. It added my entire phone book, made calls, received calls, and the music streamed beautifully through the wonderful 10 speaker package.

    Problem: since then, when I put the key in & turn on the ignition, I can make only one call. Everything still shows connected and paired. But, when I try to make another call it “dials” through and immediately shows “dial up failed”. Also the BT audio is not highlighted anymore for me to select it. So, no more streaming BT.
    My dealers service spent 3 hours on it yesterday only to come back and say they are “incompatible”.
    Is this true?
    Does VW have any updates that might fix this?
    Please help. I love my car. And would really like all the features that I PAID for to work.

    Thank you.

  3. Here is the response I got from VW regarding being charged for Bluetooth on my 2011 Golf TDI with “standard” bluetooth capability. Truth in advertising?

    Congratulations on your new 2011 Golf TDI, and welcome to the Volkswagen family! I understand you are seeking an explanation of the Bluetooth® connectivity charge that appears in the window sticker, and I appreciate the opportunity to respond.

    The Bluetooth® connectivity is considered a forced accessory. It is standard in the sense that it is an option installed in all vehicles; however, it is not included in the base price and this is the reason it appears as a separate charge in the window sticker. I hope this information was useful.

  4. Hi Jay,

    I was wondering how you renamed your phone to say jay’s phone instead of a long string of letters and numbers. My iPhone is paired up but I can’t find out how to give it another name (I just looked through the manuals and no luck). Any tips? I can get to the rename user section but I don’t know how to delete or advance to the next letter.

  5. Yaharia,

    You can rename your iPhone by connecting you iPhone to your computer, opening iTunes, then clicking the iPhone under the devices menu in the left side pane of iTunes. You should be able to edit the phones name this way. On a windows machine you may have to right click the iPhone listed under “devices” in the left hand pane of iTunes, and on a Mac you can just do a single quick left click on the iPhone. That should work. Let me know if it doesn’t


  6. Your YouTubes on the GTI Bluetooth are really helpful. VW needs to put together a compilation of your instructions for owners. The manual is nearly useless in explaining the little details that make the system work. One more question: Is there a way to switch voices on the Bluetooth menu?

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