Custom ordering coming to an end in the US.

If you haven’t noticed VW has been making moves towards streaming its line up, replacing the typical options list with trim levels with a set amount of equipment. You used be able to get a base GTI with Xenons as the only option. These days if you want Xenons on your GTI you have to get a sunroof, 18″ wheels and other things you may not want.

So where is VW heading with this? a new business model called Market Based Ordering. So now instead of placing orders with the factory they get to pick from a pool of already built cars according to the preferences the dealers have already set.

Soon the days of ordering a car and waiting 3 months for delivery will be over.



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  1. so now instead of waiting 3 months, you won’t be able to get the car you want at all.

  2. thats good news for other buyers! – i’m on week 1 of a 14-20 week wait! 🙂 aaaaaargh! 🙂

  3. Americans are an impatient bunch. Nothing more satisfying than knowing a car is being built for YOU… This ordering model really stinks and makes me appreciate my 2011 Golf TDI even more 😉 One of the only models left with individual orderable options (not for long).

  4. This would be unthinkable in other markets …

  5. That sounds good but, for .:Rs…I’m willing to wait :3)

  6. Customizing VW orders
    This is a good move, I wish I would have known of it..on another subject; have you found out anything further about software updates to the 2011 Touareg nav system? As you will recall my mapping is 1-2 years out of date which causes a good deal of misinformation; e.g., it sent me to a local station for diesel which turned out to have been sold and renamed. Another station had diesel but was unlisted.

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