I am back!

Sorry I kinda felt off the grid there for a few. My new job keeps me super busy at work but I promise there is stuff coming! hang in there!




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  1. Jay
    We spoke some time ago about getting into the vw selling business. Well I did it! 4 months in and I surpassed our dealers internet sales guys sales! Needless to say he was not pleased, I’m sure this month its going to be alot harder. Question? Do you get extra compensation for all your extra extra hard work? Like the videos, and time spent updating your sites? The reason I ask is because it seems our upper managment does not want to spend anything on advertising. This month we have zero newspaper ads, (normally we get a tiny b&w 10 car spread) we have no billboards and are 2 miles from the other big dealerships which are right on the highway frontage. Other local dealers have ads on every morning during the morning news, Full page color ads on sundays papers etc.. I would like to get us out there more! I know our dealership could do so much better!!! We are not near any other car lots so we dont even have the opportunity for overflow. The Internet sales guys gets ALL the internet leads which leaves the rest of us to harvest the lot ups or a random phone up. I want to get us on Facebook and twitter at least, but we have to have some kind of advertising to have a facebook or twitter logo on in the first place. I would love to fill this roll, but wonder if I should ask to be compensated or if you have any ideas of how to approach the situation. The last thing I need is for people to visit facebook and twitter and all those leads then go to the guy with all the internet ups anyway! I was in the Navy and you told me that the long hours and hard work would help, they have and I am now the goto guy if someone asks another sales guy a question he doesnt know. By the way I had an 09 CC vr6 and survived a near head on collision with a full size Dodge Ram quad cab at impact speeds near 140mph and walked away unhur! Totalled the car but it did its job and saved my wife and I. The Truck flipped end over end, slid 75ft then rolled 3 times trapping 4 of the 5 inside! I now have a 10 VR6. Sorry for taking up so much of your time i know its valuable, but you have helped me before and I espect your ideas and opinions. Please reply at your convenience to either address above. J Duke

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