Weekly update: RNS315 retrofit, new VW.com and more


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  1. Does the RNS-315 fit into the MK5s?

    • it fits but I am not sure if it will work

      • I put a 315 in my MKV 2006 GTI yesterday. Swapped up from an RCD-510 that was swapped up from a Premium 7.

        The upgrade to RCD required a new CAN gateway, as does going to the RNS. YMMV depending on what year or MKV you have, some very late MKVs had the right CAN gateway module.

        The Good:

        It fits and connects to the quad-lock connector. MDI works.
        Sirius tuner works if you either get a separate antenna or use and extension to connect to the antenna from under the passenger seat.
        It registers itself on the CAN network as a nav system and a radio.

        The bad:
        I can’t yet get it to interface with the MFD.
        No Nav screen on MFD, no audio screen.
        Volume buttons no workie.
        As of version 1.6, VCDS/VagCom doesn’t know how to code them yet.

  2. In an earlier post you mentioned that High Capacity SD cards cannot be formatted on a Mac to work with the 2010 Jetta premium radio. Seems that HC SD cards are all thats available in the market. Any suggestions or work arounds? Thanks

  3. do you know the estimated price i have a wolsburg edition and would love to replace my rcd 510 with this unit for the navigation and ipod control

  4. I called my local dealer about installing one of these in my 2011 TDI that didn’t come with the nav system. He said that “if the car didn’t come with a nav system, then it’s not wired for one”. This seems to contradict what I’m reading here. I don’t want to tinker on this car, so I’d want it to be dealer supplied and installed.

    Am I out of luck?

  5. With Bluetooth streaming audio can you play your playlists from your iPod and do the steering wheel controls work too?

  6. Good news – I will ask my dealer about it! Jay – love your video updates on Youtube! An unrelated question. I have a 2010 CC R Line DSG. Having noise issues. Door panel rattles over certain road surfaces. Took it to dealer. Was told a clip was not fastened – seemed to be fixed for 30 days. It’s now back. They’ve tried to fix it “twice” more – to no avail. and I think they’ve had the door panel off enough times that now I get a little “click/knock? noise when I pull into an elevated driveway. And the seal around driver door now seems like not as solid as when new. Also – now have a “creak” that I note at low speeds when turning. Not an expert but it seems like a structure creak – hopefully its something else. If you know the solutions to these issues and have ideas I would be grateful – I want to love this car again!

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