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  1. CTRL + C
    CTRL + P

  2. Well, it seems like he already changed his site!! I haven’t watched all of his videos, but the one showing the black SEL Jetta pretty much showed how much he knows about the product- he said it had leather…

  3. In response to “Ask a VW Sales Guy’s” recent youtube video, I would like to say:

    I did copy a 3 or 4 of his post. No videos.
    That was absolutely wrong.
    I have deleted all of the posts in question
    I have also changed the theme and color of this blog.
    I have sent Jay a message thru Youtube apologizing for this. I am VERY sorry for this. I would ask for everyone’s forgiveness for my lack of integrity in this matter. This is not how I do business. I will NEVER copy and paste from someone’s web site ever again.



  4. I appriciate that! Thank you and congrats on take the step to help the community

  5. Man… =) I had fun when I saw the end of that vid, “The original” 😉 dude… And of course it’s good that V-Dub Guy Mark did do something to his blog. But what did he thing whe he was copying from your blog!? No bad feelings Mark 😉

  6. That’s right! Jay is the Real NAPSTER!

  7. man, if you really think you´re the best, you should keep it up or do it a notch higher, or you will be runned over by these guys….i hope you do it cos´ you are the original one…your site and videos were the best and only, but now there´s some competition, and lets face it, your site used to be good, now it needs more speed to catch it up..

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