Videos in production…..

Here is a list of the videos that are in production and will be up soon:
  • 2011 GTI base first look
  • 2011 Jetta S first look
  • 2011 Touareg first look
  • Kessy for GTI
  • The complete guide to VW Bluetooth 9W7
  • 2011 Jetta SE weekend drive impressions
  • 2011 Tiguan 3 month review

watch this space!


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  1. What happened? Where did the prices for the T’reg go?!

  2. Just purchased 2011 Golf TDI and I am having an issue with 9W7 bluetooth. I have a blackberry 9630 and have activated the 9W7 with phone and can view phonebook and all features but when calling it keeps stating call failed. Could you let me know what the issue is, All features are working just does not allow me to connect to anyone from phone book.

    Much appreciated,


  3. I had a few questions regarding the touareg.
    1) When is it coming? Can I place a deposit now?
    2) Would it be available with ventilated seat?
    3) How about keyless entrance option?
    4) Approximately, how much would a TDI cost? (well optioned)

  4. What happened to the Tiguan brochure video?

  5. Hi,Im Albanian and we have here the new Touareg its looks fantastic and the proce is something around 70.000 Euro’s

  6. I’m excited to see a 2011 to see a GTI Video coming. Thanks for the great site.

  7. No one knows anything??

  8. Hi VW sales guy!

    I own a 2010 Golf TDI without navigation. I took out the 2w7 and installed the 9w7.
    It works very good.
    The question I have is about the green/brown light on the three button console close to the sunroof: with the new 9w7 the light does not come on anymore.
    Do I need to do something with the vag com? If so, where do I find somebody with this device?

  9. Hi Jay,

    I was looking forward to the exciting news about the pricing on the new Touareg, but I saw something on that was a little disappointing.. They’re reporting that the new one is going to be even *more* expensive than the last. Maybe the lease is going to be better? Oh well. Thanks for running a great site and keep up the great work!


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