First Look: 2011 VW Jetta


Posted on September 28, 2010, in 2011, 9w7, bluetooth, First look, GLI, Jetta and tagged , , , . Bookmark the permalink. 9 Comments.

  1. Hey, Jay how much are you selling the car in the video for and has it been crash test yet.

  2. Is it possible to get a RNS 510 instead of the 315 on the 2011 Jetta?

  3. Hi Jay. When you fold the rear seats does the middle seatbelt stay attached to the rear deck, or is it attached to the seatback like the previous model?

  4. Is it possible to take a look at the MFD or MFI that is on the 2011 Jetta? I have been to dealerships several times and no one has been able to tell me/show me anything. Looking at a 2011 Jetta TDI Highline w/leather and nav. Thanks!

  5. Hi Jay, im sales manager in Volkswagen Centrum here in Macedonia,i want to congratulate you for your site. i wanna ask you something?
    We still dont have the new jetta here but we got the Touareg and before the christmas we will get the new Passat b7 here.
    What’s happen with this model in US.

  6. Hey jay, i just ordered a 2011 jetta tdi highline only to find out you cant turn the esp or traction control off on them is there anyway to do this? I live in a snowy area and need to have wheel spin some times, is it possible to wire up a switch to the fuse?

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