Spotted! 2012 GLI sunbathing is the desert

Brenda Pritty & company found a 2012 GLI sunbathing in the desert, word on the street is that it will have a soft touch dash, independent rear suspension, and unique front end. Just as before expect to find the GTI’s 200HP 2.0T in the engine bay . According to my sources Xenons may not make the final spec sheet tho, mean time direct your angry letters to not me. Look for this car to debut at the LA Auto show in Nov and go on sale around March of next year in 3 flavors: GLI, GLI autobahn, and GLI autobahn with NAV with prices starting in the mid 20’s.

The  rest of the pictures are copyrighted so for a  full report and pictures follow the link to the inside line story

P.S. Dear VW : I want a GLI coupe

Picture used with written permision from Brenda Pritty herself (we are facebook friends) and should not be copied or reposted anywhere else without written consent.


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  1. No HID’s??? forget it!!! im getting a GTI instead then…

  2. I’m pretty shure it’s not a GLI, i think it’s a TDI

  3. I cant see a GLI without Xenons even the new Jetta lacks of this equipment is dumb! all nice cars SHOULD have them!

  4. now riddle me this, why would they use the gti honey comb on a TDI.. makes no sense.. im thinking this is the test mule for the GLI.. well just have to wait a month and see in LA

  5. Hi everybody, i have a few comments

    can you guys see the TDI insignia??? is in the front near to the left lights

    Here in Mexico exists a version called “sport” it has the same equipment of the TDI version. I think this image is from one of those versions. Also i think is too soon to have any images of the GLI

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