2012 CC ordering starts today

Starting today you can order a 2012 CC, there is no info regarding whats new but trim levels remain the same as 2011 but V6 engines wont be built for a little while.

I personally think that VW will  introduce a 5 seater CC to plug the whole left by the departure of the Passat in the US line up. The 2012 CC goes on sale this November.


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  1. So the 2011’s were short-lived I see? Wonder if the R-Line will remain for 2012 in the USA lineup…

  2. What about the cc sportwagen rumor? Maybe for 2013…

  3. Ummm, ok. I’m confused. It’s 2010, and you’re saying the 2012 CC is coming in November? Manufacturers can’t legally sell the next model year vehicle until Jnnuary of the previous year.

  4. do you think there will be a 5 seater? is this a rumor or fact ,because i would buy one if it was 5 seater.

  5. So there is probably going to be some better financing deals coming quickly on the 2011 models?

  6. Volkswagen’s web site still has the CC configuration for 2010 models. Looks like someone did not get the memo for the 2012 models.

  7. Will they offer in 2012 regular fuel instead of premium?

  8. It would be great to offer 5 seater would give me the higher reason to purchase the CC

  9. I drove a 2011 C Sport and wasn’t impressed. Alot of enging drone.
    Audi told me VW uses thier old engine.

  10. any news when the 2012 arrives? or any update on the 5 seat arrangement? thanks!

  11. ME :
    Anyway. I bought the real thing.
    2011 C300 4matic. Very nice. I’m a happy guy.

    Just wait until you have to service that “real thing”!!! You won’t be so “happy” then!!!

  12. Now any updates on the five seater option yet? cause that’s the only concern that has been delaying me to buy the car.

  13. I have purchased a 2011 VW CC. I feel pretty happy with it and I don’t mind the four seats. So far after my wife and kids, this car is the most beautiful thing I have droven. ;D

  14. I see your post about the 2012 CCs available for order and the comment about the trim levels being the same as 2011. This info is incorrect, the 2012s are in the Port, being held back by VOA. The trim levels are not the same, there will be an R Line this year unlike last year, there are also quite a few changes if you look into it. the 5 seater CC will not come to fill the gap of the Passat exit, the new NMS(Passat) will be released soon to fill the slot. The CC will not come as a 5 seater, it will remain where it is for the time being.

  15. Any word on the 2012 CC coming with 300 HP?

  16. The 2012 restyled VW CC will hit the dealers right around January 31st, give or take a day or two. Most dealers have no details or pricing yet, but I do know that some dealers will get 4 or 5 new ones the first week or two. There will be some good financing/lease deals. Lease deals will be favorable because the 2012 is coming out a good 9 months before other 2012’s so the residual will be high for awhile because the 2012 CC won’t be a year old until it’s almost 2 years old.

  17. Salesguy-

    Where is the best place online to see the photos and tech specs of the Oh 12 CC?

    I am all set to get one. For some reason my Wife likes it better than the Audis.

    I should buy American, but now that Chattanooga is learning to speak German from experts, I guess the CC IS an American car. It just came on a boat, like my ancestors.

    It is an interesting car.


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