VW sets up a blog for the new Jetta

Volkswagen has set up a blog for the upcoming 2011 Jetta as their way of putting all the news and hype in one place. Check it out at http://blogs.vw.com/jetta/


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  1. Hey Jay,

    Got a question – I’m about to purchase a 2011 sportwagen se, and i’m wondering if it comes with the 3 years free maintenance, same as the jetta sedan.


  2. Hey Jay – I picked up my 2011 Sportwagen Se, and i’m pretty happy so far.

    A question (sorry about all the questions…my dealer seems to know next to nothing about the nav system/media center) – Is it possible to have two iphones connected to the bluetooth at the same time, so that both are available through the speakerphone, etc?

    Is it possible to change how the names are listed in the address book on the system? On my phone, the names are ordered First name Last name, but in the car, they are Last name, First name.

    How can I tag certain numbers in the car, so that they’ll work with the voice system? It doesn’t ever recognize any of the names I have in my phone book currently…


  3. hey Jay, will the 2011 Jetta have a single cd player and what is mdi? Also will the new sheet metal be as rigid as last years model?

  4. Would be nice if VW.com would actually update their site to add the new Jetta instead of this lame blog they launched. It offers very little info about the car and the gallery sucks!

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