Autocrossing the 2011 Volkswagen Jetta


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  1. Natalie Dunlap

    I am so in love with the new 2011 Jetta coming out its cheaper than a civic and has way more standard features. Plus 3 years FREE maintenance.

  2. Jay, there’s been a lot of talk online and in magazines about the “cheapening” of the interior as compared to the last Jetta (in order to compete with the Civic/Corolla), are the rumors true? If so, looks like the enthusiasts out there will need to wait for the GLI.

  3. If you’re a true VW fan, then you need to look at the ’11 Jetta SEL–the S and SE won’t do it for you if you’re accustomed to VW comforts, styling, and fit & finish. I fear the move by VW to expand the customer base is only going to run away those who have come to expect VWs high standards.

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