How to change the ringtone in your Volkswagen (2011 ONLY)


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  1. I read your updates on the 2011 GTI, but I do have one question though. Any word on what kind of engine is going to be in the new ones. i thought i had read it was going to have about 30 or 40 more horsepower, but that might have been the european model. any update would be awesome.

  2. same 200HP engine as before

  3. do you know if this change is because of the new bluetooth module or an mmi update?

  4. Dr. John Alfieri

    Hi Jay – my son and I are VW junkies, yesterday, I purchased my 12th VW from NJ. Here’s a question which no one can answer, so we pose it to you — is there any plans for another seatbelt in the back of a CC – I have 3 kids under 10, so I am stuck. Ok, here’s bigger one — my 2008 passat vr6 claims to have Dynaudio as a standards feature — however, there are no Dynaudio symbols above the speakers as in my other Passats…thanks for your great work, if you were in NJ, you’d by my salesperson. Best to you.

  5. Hey Jay, I found your site on a UK web search. I have just collected a new Tiguan RLine DSG with the RBS510 and loads of other accessories. I have the multifunction wheel, but NO telephone prep. The manual says that the telephone symbol should mute the radio, but it does not? I have contacted my local dealer in the UK and VW Uk and they have not been very helpful, can you offer me any help or advice please? Great website by the way! Best Regards. Brad.

  6. Jay- I enjoyed your visual demo on blue tooth for tghe EOS. You demonstrated your thorough knowledge of the total VW line- Much to my dismay, no such luck with my dealer on Long Island.
    A- He tells me my LG phone is not compatible for voice command. After playing with the on-board bluetooth system, I got it to work. (he, by the way is a factory ‘trained’ technician.
    B- Another issue- From day one, when attempting to accelerate from a dead stop while turning against newly started opposing traffic, the car stumbles, feels dead and then suddenly takes off. This is dangerous. Problem: It’s intermittent.
    C- Why does VW install an exterior light switch? The front running lights go on with the ignition and the rear lights only go on when operating the switch. The dash lights go off when the light sensor detects a darkening condition. Then you must turn on the switch to regain the dash lights and activate the rears. This makes no sense to me at all. Ignition on: Front and rear running lights should go on.PERIOD
    D- I could go on and on. Incidentally, Why don’t all VW sales people know their product??? Most cordially, Gary

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