Volkswagen has a change of heart, Jetta SportWagen keeps its name

Volkswagen made last minute revisions to its order guide and issue the 2011 brochures on the 2011 Jetta SportWagen and after many many mixed signals they have decided to keep the Jetta name for the SportWagen.

On a side note some have reported that a few units were shipped to dealers wearing “Golf” badges, maybe the guys at the plant were as confused as we were hahaha!


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  1. In Canada the 2010 Jetta wagon was badged as a Golf. This will continue for 2011. I imagine that the USA will follow this route later. The wagon has the Golf hatchback front end which would make them part of the same family, especially with the new styling of the 2011 Jetta.

  2. So quick question: is the 2011 TDI SportsWagen worth getting or should I try to get a (new) 2010 for a better deal now that the 2011s are in?

  3. Why not just call it the golf wagen since it has little to do with the new jetta?

  4. SportWagen is in Golf- family in Finland, Canada and many more countries. In Finland it’s called “VW Golf Variant”. But I see that most of the videos that tell about this car is under name “Jetta SportWagen”…

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