VW issues software update to fix “ipod skip” issue on RCD510 Radio

For those of you with the iPod skip issue that causes the radio  to skip the first 1 to 2 seconds of a song while you have an ipod connected to the MDI cable. Your local dealer can install this update for you but if you are brave and clever you can follow along

1- Get the USB cable for the MDI and replace it the iPod cable with this cable

2. Download this file http://www.jaronbrass.com/download/mdi.bin.enc

3. Put the file in the root folder of USB memory stick

4. connect USB stick to MDI.

5. Let the magic happen

6. Enjoy

Thanks to Jaron for the file and instructions!

Note: this is NOT for the RNS510 nav unit. only the RCD51o 6 disc changer with MDI


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  1. My RNS510 is acting the same way, is there an update for it? Thanks!

      • Thanks Jay! One other question if you can please help with….In addition to the ipod issue, my RNS510 seems slow to respond or delayed when pressing touch screen buttons. It can take more than a second sometimes for a touch, of say a radio preset selection, to register. Is there any firmware or other updates to increase the responsiveness? I have a 2010 Tiguan SEL.

  2. Can this update be done from the SD card slot instead of using the USB cable?

  3. Does it fix also the 0.2-0.3 delay when playing songs from the SD card?


  4. Thanks Jay, that worked and installed just like you said it would.

    I have a 2010 Passat Variant TDi, with RCD510, but no BT phone option. Should I be able to connect a BT stereo device like an iPod, to this stereo? Under the settings screen on the RCD, there is an option to activate BT audio which I have ticked, but I’ve never been able to connect a device to it. Any thoughts?

  5. It seems to have helped, but hasn’t entirely resolved the problem.

  6. I get “Software update not possible”

  7. Jay, thanks for the info. it seemed to work for 2 songs and now it’s back to skipping. I tried to reload the update and get “Software update not possible” now. any ideas?

  8. My rcd510 just said “software update not possible” and nothing has changed. I called VW customer care and have sent emails to VW Lab but have not really gotten any reply. VW customer care just said “have your dealer check it out” which is totally pointless. The dealer had no idea there was a software update or an issue at all. I imagine they’d say something like “it works”. I like the unit but the skipping is really annoying. I had a kenwood with a usb input that didn’t skip when it played iphones. VW needs to have this fixed.

    Come on VW it’s just a software update, it can’t be that big a deal to fix.

  9. Odd… I downloaded the update and it’s named “mdi-1.bin.enc”. The update I downloaded before was called “mdi.bin.enc”.

    Are these different downloads? I guess I’ll try it and see!

  10. OK, turns out I had the file that didn’t update my rcd510 so it just added the 1 to the file name. I tried to download it again just to see and the next time it was mdi-2.bin.

    Drat! I was hoping there was a fix for this but I guess vw is leaving us high and dry?

    • that file has worked for many people

      • It seems odd that it hasn’t worked for many people though… Could it be a defective radio?

        The dealer I got my car from seems to have no idea about an update at all… calling VW customer care was very frustrating as they had no clue at all. They suggested bringing the car to the dealer! UGHH!

        It’s very frustrating that VW can’t get it together to have a stereo that works!

  11. I have this issue, but I have two more important ‘bugs’ to discuss:

    1. Songs are organized by Album name first (but by Artist, alphabetically???), then by track number within album… not like my iPod which lists all songs alphabetically.

    2. After I have drilled down to Artist, Album, and Song, then start playing a song, when I click ‘Selection’, it always takes me back to the Songs view, which as noted above, gets me to a list of songs organized by Album (alphabetically) then track number.

    Anyone else seeing this?

    When I called VW, they ‘seemed’ clueless, hadn’t heard of a software update, and scheduled me to come in.


  12. Forgot to add: if anyone has another idea on this, pls post.


  13. I had the dealership update my radio last week. However, there is still a 2 second delay while playing music from my iPhone 4 and SD card.

    How would I know if the software update they did actually took?

    Can I check the system to see what software release it is on?

    • Took my unit back to the local dealership yesterday and they were still unable to fix the 1-2 second delay/skip in my RCD510 unit with this update. I called VW and open up a complaint since it’s my understanding this should have been fixed by this update. The plan now is that I will call VW just before I head back to the local shop and they will make available more resources for the local techs to figure out why it’s still happening.

      Jason :
      I had the dealership update my radio last week. However, there is still a 2 second delay while playing music from my iPhone 4 and SD card.
      How would I know if the software update they did actually took?
      Can I check the system to see what software release it is on?

  14. Jay, I had my 2010 Jetta in for the 6k checkup and asked about the update for my radio but they were not aware of it. I talked to the guy I bought my car from and he said to see if I could find out what the bulletin number for the update was.

  15. I’m so glad to see something posted on this. I bought a CC in June, and have had it back to the dealership 4 times for attempts to fix it. I am not sure if the above link was one of those attempted fixes or not. I may give this a try, the lack of a fix from my dealership is getting very frustrating.

  16. I have a 2010 Tiguan delivered 10/2009 with iPod skip. My dealer will not update the RCD510 radio firmware without an official VW service bulletin. Is there a bulletin and where can he get it?


  17. My ’10 Jetta is having all of these problems plus, every time I plug my iPhone 3Gs in, my phone notifies me that the phone is not compatible and that I may hear cellular noise over the system as well as decreased signal strength. Anyone else getting this message?

  18. How does one get a USB to MDI cord? Does the dealer have this? Radioshack says that would likely be the only way to get one.

    • I also called VW customer service. Even had them look at this website. All they said is “we have no information on any pending updates based on your VIN”. They said take it to the dealer but what is the point when the dealer has had the car 3 times and every time they say there is no fix. VW apparently does NOT have a fix and dealers do NOT have a fix. Frustrating.

  19. I fixed my ipod skip today!!!
    Hope this helps some others:
    The problem is the itunes software; not your VW (by the way; I have been to apple store and to VW dealers more times than I care to count over this).
    Go to Itunes.
    Pull up preferences.
    Go to playback.
    TURN OFF (disable) the crossfader.
    Remove all music from your ipod. Which was put in with crossfader enabled).
    Replace music without crossfader enabled.
    Works for me! Yeehaw!

  20. I took my 2010 Jetta Sportwagen into the dealership last week, and they did in fact run an update on my system.

    2 things occurred:
    1. the skip issue is fixed
    2. the hierarchy issue I detailed above is fixed (post #18, issue 2)

    Im pretty damn happy about this, though the software could still use work.


  21. John, that’s good news. Would you be able to find out what identifier they had for that fix? Some ‘update’ # etc? The reason I ask is that my dealership called just before the end of the year to say they had the final version of the beta fix they had tried previously and wanted to try that. It did not work. Well, actually it gave them the message that the update already existed and he didn’t overwrite it. Maybe if you could get them to tell you what the fix that worked for you is called and can share that here, I could ask my dealership to find the same.
    I have not yet tried Mike’s suggestion. I plan to load some new music and make sure crossfader is off. But I looked at my settings and crossfader is already off so I’m not very optimistic that will work.
    It’s been 7 months now, I can’t believe this is not yet resolved.

  22. I just purchased a 2011 GTI and I am having the skippiping issue with my iPod Touch. My iPod connects via the MDI cable in the center armrest. I also have the non-navigation stereo system (single CD). In addition to skipping the first second or two, sometimes it will start normally for a second, skip, and then resume. I noticed that the skip correlates with the song information coming up on my display. It seems like data lag or something. If I unplug the iPod and reconnect, I can get rid of the skip about 30% of the time. Lastly, I get freezes when trying to navigate the iPods folders using the radio controls. I am supposed to bring the car in today for the car’s initial cleaning and detailing. Any suggestions on what I can ask them?

  23. UPDATE: My Volkswagen dealer still does not have a solution for the ipod/iPhone4 music skipping issue on my 2011 GTI (RCD310). They said they have not heard of this problem before and they have nothing in their internal database other than the firmware update from last year that my car already has. I am almost as pissed about the feature not working as I am about them saying they have never heard of this issue.

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