Is the Routan dead?

Today I decided to compile a list for my fellow sales people regarding the changes for 2011 and I noticed something strange . There is no mention of a 2011 Routan anywhere!  Not in the order-guide, not in the Inventory system, no where! Could the Routan be dead?  I will look into this and report back.

P.S.  Volkswagen did kill the Passat, Passat Wagon, Beetle and Beetle conv for 2011



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  1. Isn’t Chrysler redesigning the Town and Country for 2011 and that’s what the Routan is based off of right? Maybe that could be why.

  2. Still a big mistake on VW’s part. I would rather seen them save their resources and either come up with their own van (ie the Microbus) or focused on something better than this Chrysler POS…

  3. We can only hope so! I couldn’t agree with joey06 more. If you’re going to put the VW badge on it, make it a dub.

  4. I really want a Routan. I need a minivan and none of the others do anything for me. Sooo… do you recommend waiting on the 2011 or is it really not that big of a deal??

  5. The Routan needs to use the VW group engines and have the stow and go seats. A Routan with the 3.0TDI would be sweet. Audi has a 3.2FSI engine with 265hp, the new 3.OT supercharged engines are awesome. VW needs to stop trying to be Toyota or Honda..that is what we would buy if we want boring cookie cutter vehicles that the masses purchase.

  6. I’m really interested to see what’s new for the Routan. Looking forward to eventually upgrading from an 01 mazda mpv , especially for those roadtrips from jersey to florida.

  7. The routan needs to be a VW and not just a rebadged chrysler. What about the vans they sell in europe? Can’t we get those? Or have them made in Mexico or somewhere here?

    Surprised there is no Passat this year. Hopefully VW will stick with the name for the car made at the US plant.

  8. Chrysler has done some nice work on the interiors for 2011 and I believe they are going to a single engine which is the Pentastar V6 at 260 plus HP . The Routan is the best looking of the ones that Chrysler makes . If they could make the nice updates to the interior like the new Chrysler models it would make a big difference. I actually see quite a few Routans around my area so that would just be a chunk of money out of VW’s pocket if they get rid of it .

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