2011 Volkswagen Bluetooth 9W7 sneak preview


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  1. AWESOME!!! I love it when my toys play with each other! Can’t wait for more previews of the 9W7!!!

  2. Is that a golf TDI?

    How come it has the 510 radio, shouldn’t it be with 310?

    • That is not the RNS 510 but it is the RCD 510. The radio you see in the video is the base unit with touch screen, FM/AM and Sat radio.

      • I did not say it was a NAV. What I’m asking is how come it be a 2011 golf (if it is) and still gave a 510 unit, I though all 2011 golfs will have a 310 at best.

  3. Sweet, any idea if it will be fully compatible as an upgrade to the current 2010 RNS 510 with 9W3? Also, any idea on $$$?



  4. Jay, What are the chances of this being retro-fittable to a MY10 Golf GTI with no blue teeth?

    Do the new wheel controls replace the function of the arrows on the RHS of the wheel on my 2010 GTI, or is it just a different symbol?

  5. Hello
    I have heard that it doesn’t work with colour screens like the one I have in my Touareg. Is it true?
    Thanks for this site!!!

  6. Ok Jay, that was sweet. Glad VW catching up to those Ford pukes with Sync or whatever they call it. So next ? is will we be able to upgrade at the dealer in the future? Price is not really an issue. I had a 09 CC and loved the BT streaming it had, but lost it when my car was totaled and moved into a 10 CC. Just let us know who , & when we be able to upgrade. Thanks Jay!

  7. Jay,

    Can you dial on the RCD510 touch screen now with this new bluetooth module? Or is still voice dialing?


  8. Jay Pichardo :
    sorry I meant to say the RCD510 doesnt have a dial pad

    Please would you confirm that you can voicedial on the RCD510 2011 year?
    Is this activated by a button on the steering wheel?

    • I am driving a 2011 Tiguan with bluetooth and I can voice dial by pressing the button on the steering wheel. just press the button and say “call bob” or “call bob on mobile”

  9. Jay,
    Thank you for your answer.

  10. Does this new 9W7 module support AVRCP profile for Bluetooth Audio? Which allows you press next, pause, back directly from the headunit. The new iPhone 4.1 software which is still in beta supposedly allows this.

  11. I am looking at buying a 2011 Jetta Sportwagen…will the standard stereo (non-nav) come standard with the 9W7 Bluetooth?

  12. Hello Jay:

    I took delivery of a 2011 Sportwagen TDI with the 9w7 module (I think).
    I had two Motorola v197’s. Both had been unblocked (and using Locus Mobile)
    although one must have had cingular firmware. The cingular firmware
    failed to connect although the car picked it up and tried. The other worked like a charm, downloading addresses,
    signal strength, even the provider information. Also worked with the
    voice recognition. Alas, though the phone went through the washer and
    no longer functions. Is there a new list of phones which work with the



  13. Hey Jay, I was wondering if we are able to upgrade to the 9W7 from the 9W3 in my 2010 CC Sport?

  14. Hi Jay,
    Will the Droid 2 work with the 9w7? I’m planning on getting a new 2011 Eos and want my phone to work with my new car. Thanks!

  15. It appears that bluetooth audio streaming is only available via voice commands, as this function is initially unselectable via the media screen. Is that correct?

  16. Hi Jay,

    I have a problem 🙂

    I got a passat CC turbo last week (2011), and I have a Blackberry 9700. each time I connect to the car Bluetooth I get connected for 30 seconds and then the connection is terminated (Message: No Bluetooth found). I changed the SIM card to use another mobile operator and it was working fine with no problems which is really strange! but I cannot change my personal phone number so I am sticked with the same operator that my passat CC keep disconnecting my Bluetooth connection.

    Now, my best friend got a passat cc 3.5 2011, and once I go into his car, my phone connects perfectly with no issues.

    I am confused what is the problem – I paid a lot of money for this car and I am really disappointed now 😦

    Can u help me please?

  17. hi Jay,

    I’ve just bought a new 2011 Jetta SE and have tried using the voice dialing feature only a few times, but it seems to only recognize names in my contacts (iPhone 4.1) when I say them last name first. Is this true, and if so, is there any way to change this? Thanks.

  18. My Android X `is paired with the new 2011 Bluetooth 9W7, Jetta Sportwagon TDI, but refuses to download my phone book—–had a Sliver before and it downloaded after pairing just fine—–Any help ???

  19. Is the 9W7 support multiple profile, if so is the passenger and driver phone can be active in the same time?

  20. Hi,

    I have a new 2011 GTI, autobhan,my verizon wireless phone was initially mated to the bluetooth system, but it has suddenly become disconnected.




  21. have a new 2011 GTI, autobhan,my verizon wireless phone was initially mated to the bluetooth system, but it has suddenly become disconnected.




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