2011 GTI changes, pricing, and updates.


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  1. Zoran Milosavljevic

    Hey Jay after reading the prospective packages for the 2011 GTI I am quite disapointed, I really want keyless go but do not want $2700 in options (leather, sunroof and 18″ wheeles) to get it.
    I have called VW about this they said they would make a note. Do you know what options will not be tied up in a package next year, can I still for instance get the dyna audio without getting nav, and can I get xenon headlights without a package?
    I am also interested in a 2010 but the 2010 bluetooth is bullshit, I wanted to upgrade a 2010 with the 9w7 but was informed by my dealer and VW that this was not supported. Do you have any customers that have done this, and does it work as seemlessy as the Tdi forum guy says it does and can the dealer code it for me?



  2. I thought the reason VW did all these trims for the GTI was to make the base model cheaper than a 2010 GTI with no options at all.

  3. Thanks for the update! Would it be possible to swap out the RNS315 with the RNS510 at the dealer, while maintaining all the functionality of the MFD, etc?

  4. Hi Jay,

    I understand that 18″ wheels will be standard on the GTI for 2011. I live in Boston, whre the roads are bad, and even 17″ wheels and tires take a beating. Should it be easy to get a VW dealer to swap the stock 18″ wheels for 17″ wheels? In your experience, are there a lot more flat tires and damaged wheels with 18″ versus 17″?

  5. Jay Pichardo :
    Yes, as long as they are willing to do the swap

    Hey big thanks for replying… keep up the great work!

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