2011 Jetta with votex body kit from waterfest 16


Posted on July 20, 2010, in 2011, aftermarket, autoshow, drivergear, First look, Jetta. Bookmark the permalink. 4 Comments.

  1. I am loving the way that this car looks. Are those Carbon Fiber accent pieces on the front diffuser and the rear spoiler?

  2. I haven’t seen the 2011 Jetta in the flesh, but I am a fan. I do think they have “messed up” a little on the options and std equipment, but overall seems a good value. Question: in the photos this body kit looks, snapped on and not as seamless as on the MKV, very Toyotaish- how does it look in person?

  3. not a fan of bodykits… especially if the car isn’t lowered, then the kit looks even more tacked on… gotta keep up with the Corolla’s of the world i guess

    and did they really need to paint the rear drums silver (behind black wheels no less) so everyone could see them and make fun of them?

  4. I just got 2011 Jetta! where can I buy that body kit? it looks great!

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