Hello everyone!

First and foremost thanks for all the support! Today I was officialy promoted to Internet manager at my store and will stay with Volkswagen.


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  1. Jay,

    Great. Please send my % of the base salary as my fee for putting in a good word with the bosses. I kid, I kid 🙂

    Look forward to your continued career growth on the VW side of the equation and of course a constant stream of interesting an accurate information on all things VW.


  2. AMEN! Can I get an Amen everyone?

    AMEN! 😉

  3. YES!!!

    I’m so glad that this blog won’t die! Jay, thanks to you a VW is definitely my next purchase. I can’t wait to get a Golf TDI!!

  4. sherif tantawi

    Oh my god
    Congratulation I am really happy for u I hope more success in ur career.

  5. Great to hear! Congrats- can’t wait for many more videos and helpful tips/tricks!!

  6. Glad they stepped up jay.

  7. For Michael, and above all for Jay, AMEN! This blog has been a lifesaver and I, for one, am certainly glad it’s going to be here for the future. I’m close to getting another Jetta, and Jay’s information beats the covers off of all the “users’ guides” Volkswagen can print.

  8. CONGRATULATIONS!!! I am glad your hanging around!

  9. Thumbs up Jay! good job…

  10. Cool..! Congratulations on the promotion.

  11. Congrats!

  12. Congrats!!!
    Glad it worked out. VW!!!

  13. congrats! glad to hear that your informative blog will continue

  14. Congratz!! I just found this site and its great info a week ago. It would have been a shame if it was no longer around. Keep on keepin’ on, Jay!

  15. Hey! Great site and finally I am purchasing a new jetta as my 1999 just got totaled 😦

    I love the fast and sporty drive of the 2010 and would love to get a TDI. but I’m curious if how the 2011 is going to do. I’m nervous since it’s a new body and might have issues.

    I want a jetta auto with mats iPod and roof I’m hearing 21755 and tdi is 25000 ish.. How can I get this down?? What do u suggest.

    Ps I’m looking in nj

  16. Please put me on your mail list. I am waiting on the 2011 v-6 tdi.Bill

  17. I never wrote before but I have to say congratulations! I’ve been enjoying your blog and I was sad when I read you might be leaving. But now you can keep blogging and giving your great advice and product info. Thanks!
    -Jimmy, Huntington, NY

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