2011 GTI pricing

The 2011 GTI is on its way to dealers and should arrive mid to late July, here is the new line up:

GTI 2-door : 23,690

GTI 2-door with sunroof: $25,440

GTI 2-door with sunroof and nav: $26,875

GTI 2-door Autobahn: $29,005

GTI 4-door : $24,290

GTI 4-door with sunroof: $26,040

GTI 4-door with sunroof and nav: $27,475

GTI 4-door Autobahn: $29,605

Destination charge : $770

DSG AUTO $1100

Note that this prices include the standard 18″  Detroit wheels for a full list of changes check this post


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  1. Other wheel options?

  2. Any info about the R20 rumors? Is that really coming this summer?

  3. Any word if we will ever get the GTD?

  4. I was at a dealer on the 5th and he said the 2011s were not being built yet because his computer didn’t show a price in the ‘Invoice’ column. Does anyone know any more detail on when they’ll start arriving? I’ve been seriously looking at a GTI with the DSG, but maybe I should wait for the new models.

  5. stefano bortoletto

    hi, i need some help, i just a 2010 2 door gti last week but i didnt get the bi xenon headlights. I want to change the halogen bulbs on the high beam, low beam and daytime running lights to hid’s how many bulbs would i have to buy and how much do you think it will cost? and where could i find it?

  6. Jay, this may seem trivial, but does the 2010/11 GTI have rear side window shades? This feature is great on our ’08 Passat Wagon.

  7. Dear Sirs:
    I was just looking at the VW website and noticed that they claim that 17″ whhel are standard on the GTI, and that 18″ wheels are optional.

  8. Dear Sirs:
    I didn’t see a mention of the overall length of the 2-door versus the 4-door GTI. Do we know if there’s a difference?

  9. 2011 Golf TDi ETA?

  10. JJ,
    The length of both the 2-door and 4-door is the same. Both versions are built on the same exact platform and have the same interior volume

  11. I am really interested in getting the 4 door GTI Autobahn now that it comes with the smart key. Will it also have automatic climate control? Are the xenon headlights going to be standard? When is it going to be available?

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