iPhone 4 tested on VW’s ipod dock, MDI and BT. it works just fine!


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  1. Jay,
    You forgot one cool new feature with the iPhone 4 with VW 9w2 module (JSW). You can now voice dial using the cars Bluetooth system. Just hold down the iPhone home button for 2 seconds and speak the contact name. Very cool and much cheaper than upgrading the module in the car!

    Keep up the good work.

  2. there is a part 2 to this video coming soon

  3. This video taught me nothing and is a waste of time.
    I have a 2008 VW Jetta with the VW iPod dock in the armrest. When I place my iPhone 4 in the dock it will play but no other controls work. I cannot fast forward or rewind within the track or to the next track.
    Why not provide a useful video and tell me if VW has prepared a software update to resolve this issue.

  4. Why does the music only come out of my iPhone and not the speakers? I can control from the stereo but can’t seem to get music from the car. Please help!

  5. Hey Jay,

    One important point. As many may have heard, there is antenna atenuation on the iPhone 4 depending on how you hold it. The buppers that apple sells (or other cases that will come out) make for a nice insulator so you don’t loose signal when holding with your hands. However, the apple bumper covers too much of the interface connector and so the ipod connector will not fit (e.g. it keeps falling out) if the case is on. Personally, i don’t want to have to take the case off everytime i want to plug the iphone 4 into the VW. It would be nice if a new ipod connector could be created that is smaller so that it fits the iphone 4 connector when the apple bumper is used (or potentially other cases that cause the same interface issue).

  6. hey Jay,

    i have a 08/09 tiguan with the normal door mirror is it possible to retrofit the power folding mirror?if so is it just need to change the mirror housing the control unit and the switch? Thanks…

  7. hey guys–
    here is a good thread discussing iPhone MDI issues and ways to address them:


  8. I have an iPhone 4 and my address book is complete gibberish on my skoda bluetooth unit. Anyone else have that problem?

  9. Hi Jay,
    I recently bought a VW CC 2010 and I have being trying to connect my iPhone 4 via BT with the sound system. Is there any incompatibility between the BT from the car and the phone?
    I can pair them and the phone works fine, but when I try to send the music it doesn’t work.

  10. This doesn’t work, I have a 2008 Jetta with ipod adapter and an iPhone4. Nothing, it works with an ipod touch and a nano, but not the iPhone 4. Is there something that can be done to remedy this problem?

  11. I just got a new Tiguan with RNS-510 (I’m in Spain) and when I try to use my iPhone 3G on iOS 4.1 with the MDI cable it doesn’t come up, sometimes it freezes. The charging icon on the battery comes up, so the iPhone gets power, but it doesn’t seem to want to sync with the RNS. Have you tried iOS 4.1 yet? Thanks

    • Never mind… I tried and iPhone 4 with iOS 4.1 and it works fine. May be the combination of iPhone 3G and 4.1 doesn’t work, or there is something screwy with my iPhone 3G. Thanks

  12. Jay

    I have a Golf 1.6 Blumotion 2010. Unforunately I bought this car with handsfree locked to Nokia and Siemens. I can use my current Iphone 3G with the cars phone system, but I am not sure if I can use an Iphone 4. So I wounder if you now if it possible to use an Iphone 4, with the new iOS 4.3, in my car? I now that I can an electronic chip, but I find very expensive. Do you have any tips?

  13. I got the MDI kit installed in my ’10 Jetta and when I plug in my iPhone 4 a message comes up saying the accessory isn’t made to work with it. Also sometimes when I’m using the touchscreen on the Jetta to control the phone sometimes after I ask it to play a song nothing is heard and I have to disconnect the iPhone and reconnect it for it to start working again. Has anyone else had this problem and does anyone know how to fix it?

  14. Russ Johnson

    I have a 2010 Jetta TDI Sportwagen with the MDI cable for my IPOD (touch 4th gen). At first, it worked just fine but quit after a few moths use and now when I plug in my device the system does not recognize it at all. I just had it at the dealer and they tried it on a NANO and said everything was fine and I should contact Apple. I have just installed the latest update for my Ipod (4.3.3) to no avail. My wife also has an iPhone 4 and it won’t see her device either. Both devices “beep” when you plug them in and go in to charging mode so they see the connection.

    Any idea what may be going on here?

  15. Russ, I suppose you tried to select the iPod app on the iPhone after connecting? I don’t remember if I had to do that before, but now when connected the iPhone is just in charging mode and only when I select the iPod app the iPhone screen changes to the “Accessory Connected” screen and it is recognized in the MIDI selection. I am running 4.3.1

  16. Hey, I have the sirius/xm app on my iphone 4 and a vw 2010 with the ipod dock. If i place the iphone into the dock while playing a channel, the audio sound bounces back and forth between my car stereo speakers and the iphone itself, as if the iphone wasn’t mounted properly on the dock…any insight? Is it worth buying a dock extension cord?

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