2011 Jetta line up and starting price

Here is a preview of the 2011 Jetta line up, keep in mind this is an early list and VW can change their mind at anytime (and it wont be the first time)

Jetta base 2.0

Jetta S 2.o

Jetta SE 2.5

Jetta SEL 2.5

Jetta SEL 2.5 Sport

Jetta TDi 2.0 (late availability)

Jetta GLI 2.0T (late availability)

Starting price will be around $16,ooo and should go up to about $24,ooo or so at the top end. All Jettas will have a manual transmission as standard equipment with Autos being offered as an option. expect the 2011 Jetta to show up in showrooms around Sept-Oct. time frame.


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  1. Michael - quailallstar

    No word on a TDI “Sport” model like the Golf ? How about Xenons?

  2. That’s a disappointment that the 2.0 naturally aspirated motor will not be offered in higher trims. I cannot believe with such stellar engines, VW continues to sell the antiquated 2.5 inline 5. I just wish they would bring the 1.4 TFSI over that is more powerful and fuel efficient than either of these engines.

  3. uh Ed, I think you’re confusing the 2.0 with a modern 2.0 VW sells somewhere else… this is the ancient, 115-hp cast iron lump that famously powered the MK4 gen… aka 2.slow… sad VW, sad.

  4. Wow, if that’s the case, that’s unacceptable. I had read that the 2.0 was a new unit and was 150hp. Anyone else have clarification on this?

  5. Jay, you’re doing a great job with this blog!
    Do you also have the prices for the 2011GTI?

  6. Jay, is the new jetta going to get independent suspension
    in the rear and whats up with the trunk hinges
    it looks like a cheap corolla

  7. jay, when do you think we’ll be able to place an order for a 2011 jetta?

  8. I understand the new TDI engines are designed to run on low sulphur diesel with <15ppm. What happens if I only have access to 5000 ppm diesel? Will it hurt the engine over time? Would any additional maintentence be required? Is it covered by warranty?

  9. And will the vehicle loose power over time?

  10. Blah!! the outside looks like an Accord. Yeah Now we can all look the same. The only good thing is that it is a VW under the skin. I would be happy if i never saw it in the light of day. I might be to harsh, but ReallyVW No Scirocco for the US, and this is what you do to the Jetta? After the release of the CC I had my hopes up for some new and sexyness. I guess safe and plain is better. What did we do to deserve this??????

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