More evidence points towards “SportWagen” becoming a stand alone model

Back in April I noticed that the VW inventory system had no mention of a “Jetta” Sportwagen anymore, looking a bit deeper I discovered that it had been assigned a new name it was simply the “SportWagen”. It made a ton of sense  because since the 2010 model year the Jetta sedan had little resemblance inside and out to the 2010 Jetta Sportwagen and when the next generation Jetta arrives this fall that resemble will boil down to a little more than the fact that they are both VWs.

Now that orders have been placed and confirmed for the 2011 cars another bit of evidence has surfaced and once again the Jetta Sportwagen it is referred to as the 2011 SportWagen. As  noted before VW did the same thing during the 2006-2007 model year change over  with the then Jetta GLI that latter became known as just the GLI.  Guess we will have to wait and see sometime in August what the badges on the tailgate will say.

UPDATE:  The 2011 Order guide also refers to it as the “SportWagen”


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  1. Is there ever a chance the sportwagen will be offered in 4motion? That is the only thing holding me back from trading in my subaru outback.

  2. No sir, at least not for 2011. unless you live in an area that gets LOTS of snow the Jetta will do fine in inclement weather

    • That’s my dilemma. I do a lot of skiing in the Vermont mountains and need the AWD. I also like the elmination of torque steer as an added bonus. I guess not many would have a reason to buy the Tiguan if the Sportwagen offers more space, better handling, and fuel mileage for a cheaper price. I’ll just have to consider the Tiguan then. Thanks.

  3. How about they name is Golf as it is everywhere else in the world?

  4. I’d be more interested in a SportWagen with the 2.0T – maybe a Wolfsburg Edition? One can only hope.

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