Dear VW of America…My bad!

I would like to apologize to my dear friends at VW, I did not know that “that thing” you called about was a secret. Please accept my deepest apologies and I hope I didn’t spoil your surprise. Love ya! bye

P.S. who do you have reading my blog at midnight on a friday night? those guys are dedicated!


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  1. Sorry for what? You really didn’t give any information that wasn’t out there yet! If they wanted it to be a secret, they should do a better job at hiding upcoming models, apple-style!!!

    You’re doing great, people from all over the world are following your blog which btw is pretty innovating!!!

    Keep going, don’t let anyone cut your wings!

    • I agree with Juan…I love your website and the effort you are putting into it….I just bought a Tiguan and could partially credit your work for promoting VW! Send them is message next time they call…Sean in Philly

  2. Thanks forth support guys!

  3. I also just bought a Tiguan, thanks in part to all the valuable info on this site! Keep up the good work Jay!
    Dan in Chicago

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