Get a longer cable for your Media-IN connector

If you are like me and are frustrated by how short the Media-In (mdi) cable connector is here is a solution: you can buy a Apple approved extension from places like MyMacStore that connects  to the Media-in cable and gives you a 72″ extension, shorter cables are also available.


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  1. Geoffrey Vetter

    Here’s another one and it’s less than $4. It’s only 39″ and it might not be “Apple Approved”.

  2. If you do not purchase the iPod option for the Golf TDi is it possible to purchase this cable after the fact and just plug it in, or does the iPod option put in the whole MDI interface?

  3. Bought on similar to monoprice off e-bay. Works on my PC, but only charges in the Tiguan. Has anyone actually tested the one advertised here? Shipping to Canada is almost the price of the cable.

  4. iPhone 3GS will not charge using this cable in 2010. Any suggestions on getting my iPhone to charge through the mdi port?

    • Toro: I have same phone and 2010 Jetta TDI Sportwagen. Although I get a “not all functions supported” message and can’t play iTunes-store-downloaded stuff when I am plugged into MDI cable, I can play podcasts. Go figure. However, it does charge, which was a big relief when I was running low on both the phone charge AND diesel gas in an unfamiliar city, trying to find a diesel-selling station. I have “solved” my iTunes problem short-term by keeping my Nano synced and with me in the car.

  5. I purchased a 6ft. DocXtender cable from Cable Jive and it works great. It charges and provides full MDI functionality on my 2010 Tiguan and my iPhone 3GS. There is no such thing as an “Apple approved” cable. Jay’s comment is false and just sales guy BS.

  6. A good reporter always checks their facts.

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