So I got a Jetta!….And added a few things.


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  1. Erica Engles

    Love your Jetta! I bought a 2010 GTI a few months ago and as soon as I got it home, I put my Apple sticker on the back window. Good luck with the car! And thanks so much for this site!

  2. Laurie Kelly

    Hi there, super confused on the bluetooth music streaming. I purchased a 2010 TouaregTDI with Highline finish. I do not have Nav. or the “Tech” package. It really bugs me that I may only have the FM modulator to play my ipod. SO, can I stream music bluetooth?

  3. I definitely get why you chose the Jetta, but why not wait for the MK6?

  4. Hello, I follow your posts and I must say, this is a great blog 🙂

    I own a 2010 Jetta 2.5 SE and love the car, but the RCD 510 in the car leaves a lot to be desired. I am interested in finding out what OS the RCD 510 runs, and if there is any way to hack into it (and add functionality).

    I have read in some places that it runs Windows CE … is this true?

  5. Great looking car! Would the RCD-510 be plug-n-play in an 07 EOS that has the old MFD nav unit or would I need additional parts?

  6. Jay Pichardo :
    I was told it is a proprietary OS

    Oh well … time to change the head unit! Thanks a ton!

  7. Great car dude. quick question. i have an 08 gti with the premium vii. if i upgrade to the rcd510, is it just a plug and play and all my frequencies will work (am, fm, sat, aux)? or will i have to get a different sat radio antenna?

  8. Hello Jay!!!

    Great car! I have the same, a 2006 though!

    Mine is royal blue with leather and tan interior…

    I love VW’s!!!

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