Jetta is that you?

Volkswagen showed the NCC concept at this years detroit show as a “preview of things to come” well now we know what those things are: The 2011 Volkswagen Jetta.

The guys at VW vortex posted this rendition of what a NCC sedan would look like and according to people that I have spoken to and have seem the car this is 90% accurate to what the Jetta will look like when it debuts in late August in 2.0  S and 2.5 SE trims. If a TDI or 2.0T is what your heart lust after you will have to wait till spring 2011 for the TDI and a bit latter for the Turbocharged 2.0T model.


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  1. What 10 % is different 🙂

  2. So there will be no SEL trim? Or will the 2.0T be released as the SEL instead of a Wolfsburg??

  3. So the TDI and 2.0T will be available in 2011. What about the Hybrid version?

  4. Hybrid ’12. I don’t think there’s been anything definitive on tdi. Seems odd to introduce a new design without at least the existing menu of engines made available.

  5. First off, I want to say that I’m a fan of your blog. Your candid and a genuine VW enthusiast. I like you because you don’t act like a car salesman. You’re on our side. 🙂

    Secondly, a bunch of VW questions (some you probably may not have the answer to at this time):

    Is the above concept Jetta (NCS) based on the revised Golf platform?
    Will it have the revised suspension and the sound deadening windscreen?
    Isn’t this supposed to be built in the US?
    When can we expect to see the a replacement for the current Jetta Sportwagen?
    Bluemotion TDI or GTDs?… in “’wagen” variants?
    The Polo?…

    Can the new touch screen-based audio/nav units play other music files besides MP3s, such as; AAC, WAV, AIFF, or even FLAC? The ipod handles these well just wondering if the head unit does too.


    Mikey 🙂

    PS… Tell VW to make a diesel hybrid! 100mpg please!

    • 1. the NCS (Jetta VI) is based on its own platform as it will have non independent rear suspension on the S models and IRS on anything above it.
      2. see #1, no word yet on the windscreen will be built in Puebla Mexico just as before
      4.The Jetta Sportwagen wont be replaced for sometime, possibly when the MKVII Golf arrives
      5. dont hold your breath
      6. see #5 will play MP3, WMA and ACC

  6. I have two questions for Jay and the enthusiasts:

    My wife and I are thinking of getting a new car. Been about seven years so we are not frequent or particularly well-versed buyers. Thinking about a Jetta just based on the reviews. We are a married couple and my wife’s work requires a decent amount of trunk space. The problem is there are so many versions of the car, so what is the one to get?

    As far as financing, how low do they go on the Jetta APR? We have very good credit fwiw.

    Thanks to any and all help!

    • To my the best version of the Jetta to get is the 2010 Jetta Limited Edition, it is an absolute bargain at $20,000 with an auto and tons of features. Right now VW is offering 1.9% APR for 60 months and that offer ends June 1st

  7. Thanks very much for the info.

    • I agree, the Limited Edition is an excellent value. Just expect to switch out the base model radio down the road if you’re a music/media fan. My 2010 wolfsburg’s touch screen LCD and sd card slot is fantastic and plays all my media. 3rd party radio/nav systems are out for the Jetta and fit perfectly too! Go for a lease and get a new one in 3 years too!

    • Oh, and i forgot to mention you get 60/40 folding seats and a bigger trunk space than the accord or camry. If you go with the TDI, expect the 47.7 mpg Popular Mechanics got, and all the creature features too! Wooot!

  8. VW guy,
    Thx. for the great site. I am thinking about buying a Passat 2010 (American). One feature missing that I really wanted on a new car is the back camera. Can you tell me if a VW camera can be installed by the dealer, cost, is this recommended, etc.? I have not been able to find much if anything online that anyone has done this. I cannot do the install myself, and would prefer to have it done by the dealer when I buy.

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