The best Brochure rack EVER!!!

Shorty after getting my iPad I saw this video about how to convert PDF files into an Epub format the iPad (and other ebook readers) can understand. After about 5 minutes of thinking about how  this  can useful I remembered that  VW has PDF copies of their brochures on their website!

After downloading all the brochures and downloading the Calibre converting app I came up with a great looking virtual brochure rack (thanks to Apple amazing iBooks interface). Ibooks rendering of the brochure is not perfect, but workable. It will also allows you to search the text in the brochure, need to know how big is the fuel thank in a Jetta? hit search on the top right hand corner, type fuel tank and your done.  take a look bellow and tell me what you think.

P.S. this fall Apple will add iBooks to iPhone 3G, 3GS and iPhone HD so you can have this same set up in your pocket.


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  1. clark inthedark

    I’m impressed with your creativity and enthusiasm, man! Keep it up!

  2. I agree with Clark — you really are a great asset to VW, VWOA, and the VW community! VW should think about epub versions of their brochures. Also, why not an iPod/iPad app with a “native” version of all the brochures?

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