List of parts needed to add fog lights to a Jetta SportWagen

Here is a part list for those looking to add fog lights to their 2010/11 Jetta SportWagen

1 1KM-052-400 WIRING 1

2 5K0-941-699-B HEADLIGHT 1
3 5K0-941-700-B HEADLIGHT 1
4 1K9-854-662 GRILLE 1
5 1K9-854-661 GRILLE 1
6 1K0-941-431-AL-REH SWITCH 1


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  1. Great Site. Good work Jay! I am interested in adding foglights to my 2010 JSW TDI, but understand a proper installation may require an upgrade to a highline CECM. Apparently, the 2010 JSW TDI has a a low or midline CECM. Can you confirm this?

  2. I am not aware that anything else is needed for the upgrade but i will research it

  3. Can you update this with prices to know how flush I have to be to do the upgrade?


  4. Is the list the same for the 2010 TDI sedan? Thanks

  5. Can I put fog lights on the sedan? Are you going to post the parts list? Thanks

  6. Make sure you are using clear bumper lights for your car which gives you high luminous.

  7. Does anyone know if a high line CECM is needed to make these work in a 2010 JSW TDI?

  8. Yes the CECM upgrade to highline is needed. I did my 2009 JSW last year. The upgraded CECM is actually a good investment if you plan to add other options too.

  9. Is the CECM upgrade still needed in 2010+ cars? These have the highline MFD standard, and have the CECM combined with some other module. From my understanding, the highline MFD used to imply that you had the highline CECM, does it still?

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