Oh no! VWVortex is down!!!

According to multiple sources, the world famous Volkswagen enthusiasts VWvortex is down due to a lawsuit against the creator of ZeroForum, The software that powers it. Zerofum also powers all of Vortex media group sites as well so yes they are down as well. There is no telling how long the blackout will last but I hope it will end soon. A FaceBook group has been setup for those suffering from forum depravation. Eurowerks posted in their tweeter feed that “they welcome refugees

UPDATE: Looks like their new forum software is up and running http://vb.vwvortex.com/forum.php

UPDATE #2:  A blog post just went up explaining whats going on, you can read it here


Posted on May 4, 2010, in Uncategorized. Bookmark the permalink. 6 Comments.

  1. This is brutal! I am dying!

  2. No TCL?! Where else am I going to rozap?!

  3. This sucks!

  4. Does this mean the search function will finally work?

  5. All your posts are belong to us???

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