GTI Front Valance Diffuser now available

Volkswagen has made this part available via your local parts department for about $300 painted to match your car. here is a list of colors and part numbers:

Deep Black 2T2T 5K0-071-600- -C9X
Candy White B4B4 5K0-071-600- -B9A
Tornado Red G2G2 5K0-071-600- -Y3D
United Gray X6X6 5K0-071-600- -A7T
Carbon Steel metallic 1K1K 5K0-071-600- -A9W
Shadow Blue P6P6 5K0-071-600- -D5Q


Posted on April 29, 2010, in 2011, aftermarket, GTI, Volkswagen. Bookmark the permalink. 4 Comments.

  1. Looks cool, but what does it do? Do I want it just for looks or does it help with front traction via downforce? Overall wind resistance?
    Thx !

  2. Gives you the necessary part to allow to say: “Oh Sh*t!!” and pay $300 (or less) to fix it when U get too close to parking lot curbs!

  3. Mark that is gold…

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