Upcoming VW Launches

Here is what I believe to be a very accurate schedule of the launches we have coming over the next few months:

2011 Jetta 2.0 and 2.5:  Fall 2010

2011 Toureg: Fall 2010

2011.5 CC facelift: Spring 2011

2011 Jetta TDI: Spring 2011

2012 New Beetle: Fall 2011

2012 New Beetle Cabrio: Spring 2012


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  1. Do you not want to sell 2010’s anymore?

  2. Nothing about the Golf R I see 😦

  3. I see the 2011.5 facelifted CC listed for Spring 2011 release. Wouldn’t that release date make it a 2012 model? Normally a 0.5 model year comes out in January. Also, how many more years are left on the current body CC? It’s based on the Passat sedan which came out in 2005, so it’s on an aging platform. Just wondering how long it will be around before a complete redesign.

  4. I didn’t see the 2011 Volkswagen Jetta GLI in that list.
    Is it still coming out in 2011?
    In my opinion, it needs to come out for the sake of VW enthusiasts who are disheartened by the “de-contenting” of the 2011 trim lines introduced so far.
    Also, while I think rear and profile of the 2011 Jetta looks decent, the front looks about as exciting as an old orthopedic shoe.

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