Volkswagen post new DIY videos

VW just posted some  DIY videos featuring the one and only Megan, a true VW enthusiast, VW product trainer  and owner of an MKIV R32 and MKI GTI. In this video series Megan shows us how to properly change a tire, check the oil level, jump start a battery, among other basic car care videos. The videos can be found here and the other video series  covering basic vehicle operation, sans Megan can be found at ( I wonder where they got that idea from? hahaha) it is great to see that VW cares and its making the effort to educate its costumers.  Hey VW I am in Virginia and willing to relocate to the Herdon area! (hint hint)

P.S.  a word to caution for the guys : have a paper towel handy to wipe the drool off your keyboard, those things are expensive these days.


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  1. I was wondering if you can retrofit a Bi xenon Headlight into a Tiguan SE i’ve seen OEM on with euro and NA version of the bi xenon headlights. I have read that vagcom needs to be program for having bi xenon. so in a nutshell what is the degree of difficulty and beside of buying the headlight ballasts, ignitosr, or bulbs what else would be needed?

  2. Hi Jay, I own a MK6 and i’m from Singapore. Just wondering if you know, how come my climatronic system turns to auto by itself when i start the a/c by pressing the fan speed button? Even i had not been using the auto mode previously?

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