2011 Volkswagen Tiguan change points

Hello Tiguan fans!  Here is full breakdown of the changes to the Tiguan for the 2011 Model year in the US market:

Tiguan S includes: standard features and new RCD310 stereo, 16‐inch “San Francisco” alloy wheels, 9W7 Bluetooth

Tiguan SE includes: 17‐inch “New Orleans” alloy wheels, Premium 8 stereo, MDI with iPod cable, and V‐Tex leatherette seating

Tiguan SE w/ Sunroof and Nav includes: SE features plus new RNS315 Navigation stereo, Panoramic sunroof, and 18‐inch “New York” alloy wheels

Tiguan SEL includes: SE Roof Navi features plus Smart Key, leather seating surfaces, power seats with driver memory, Bi-Xenon headlights with AFS, dual‐zone Climatronic and rain‐sensing wipers

Tiguan SEL w/ Premium Navi includes: SEL features plus RNS510 navigation stereo with rearview camera

Tiguan SEL w/ Premium Navi and Dynaudio includes: RNS510 navigation plus Dynaudio premium sound

– Wolfsburg Edition model no longer available

– Trailer Hitch is the only standalone option for all Tiguan trim levels

Other equipment changes:

– Sapphire Blue (7Q7Q) exterior color deleted

– Night Blue (Z2Z2) exterior color added

– 16‐inch “San Francisco” alloy wheels standard on S

– 17-inch “New Orleans” alloy wheels standard on SE

– New steering wheel designs for all trim levels (like CC and Golf), multifunction buttons on SE and SEL

– Voice Controlled Bluetooth (9W7) with audio streaming and phonebook download standard all models

– New RCD-310 single disc CD player replaces baseline radio in S

– MDI with iPod adapter now standard all models

– New RNS-315 Navigation system now standard on SE w/ Sunroof and Navigation and SEL

– RNS-510 premium Navigation standard on SEL w/ Premium

New Smart Key keyless entry with and push‐start/stop ignition standard on all SEL models

– Dynaudio standard on SEL 4Motion w/ Premium (not available on any other model)


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  1. When will these be getting into the US dealerships? June?

  2. Does this mean that to get an SE with a sunroof, you need to pay for the navigation package as well? I’m debating a 2010 Wolfsburg 4motion with sunroof (and standard RCD-510, leatherette), versus a similarly equipped 2011 SE, but now I’m not sure I can get an SE with a sunroof without the navigation package… is this true?

    Do you have any info on the RNS315 vs. the RCD510 (0ther than the inclusion of naviagation)? Which bluetooth module will be used with the Tiguan RNS315? WIll it allow A2DP streaming, phonebook integration??

    • as far as 2011s go some things are still up in the air, but it looks like that yes to get a sunrrof you will have to get the nav, However the new nav is much less expensive than the RNS510. I will have a post about the differences between the two soon.

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  4. Hi,

    have you heard anything about DSG to the TSI200 4 motion? I asked the headoffice in Sweden and the said it should come with MY2011, but I haven´t heard anything?

    Best regards,

  5. Why do they not have a US spec tiguan TDI yet (with the 4,000lb tow rating that europe gets to enjoy)? That’s the only way they are going to get my butt in a VW.

    • The Tiguan would require urea injection to meet EPA requirements, unfortunately the vehicle is not designed for such system. Write to your congressman.

      • that’s ri-donkey-lous!!! VW brought a TDI engine on a touareg but they can’t bring one on my tiguan??!! I’m sure the higher ups are aware that a TDI option will further boost the sales of tiguan. And recent studies have shown that customers are more likely to choose a diesel option if offered on a model vs a hybrid offering.

      • The Touareg comes with an adblue tank that needs to be refilled every 5,000 miles

  6. Is it true that the back up camera with the Navigation system will only be available on the SEL model for 2011? Or u can still get the navi and back up camera in the SE model?

  7. Do you know how the 2011 Tiguan SEL pricing will compare to 2010?

  8. Wow, do you really think they’ll be arriving in late June? I’m pretty sure I’m going with the Tiguan SEL fully loaded but I really want that keyless entry. I’ve heard November for the 2011s. I don’t really want to wait for fall but could def wait for June.

    • We ordered the 2011s this month so they should be here July.

      • Jay Pichardo :
        We ordered the 2011s this month so they should be here July.

        I have been told by several WA dealers that the 2011’s wont even be “in the state” until the end of August or early September. You mentioned “allocation” below… what does that mean and am I just not talking to the right dealers? Oregon is an option for me as well. Thanks.

      • I work for one of the largest dealers in the state, we have already placed orders for 2011s and depending on the model they start arriving as soon as late july

  9. Really? Can customers order now? I was just in a dealership and they said I could order in July at the earlist. Same price for 2011 or 3% increase? Do the arrival dates vary by region? Tried to get the 2010 SEL in white/charcoal AWD loaded and so far no luck.

    • not all dealers will have allocation, but you should be able to order one now.

      • What the??? I was just in Lindsay VW in Nova yesterday. Can I order it though your dealership? I know you are in VA.

      • Here is what the system has posted:Your April Allocation (June production) is now available for ordering.


        For this period, the following models are available for ordering; refer to your allocation status report for your specific allocation:

        TARGET DELIVERY: July, 2010

        1. Tiguan:


  10. How can I find the pricing? I’m ready to order but you’re the only person from VW that is giving me this info. Everyone else says mid-june. I’ve talked to about 5 dealerships and they all say the same thing. Any advice?

  11. Are there examples of the new Night Blue color available to view online? Is it a true dark blue or grey-blue? I have a 2000 Anthracite Blue Passat and really like that color.
    Will the new steering wheel design allow it to come down any lower than the 2010? I am short and felt that the current design is not particularly comfortable.
    Does the SEL retain the solid leather (vs perforated) seating in 2011?
    Thanks for all the info! Wish you were on the west coast!

  12. Lewis Baurer

    Will gas mileage imprve in 2011 TIGUAN? any engine changes/options?

  13. First off, Thank you so much for the info, been searching and searching to get the right infos.

    So here is what i gather from the write up, Mild face lift, same engine, new Acc: combos and more or less same pricing. So its better to wait for the 2011 rather than find a deal for stocked 2010. right?

    will we be able to acces: SE nav with a back up camera?
    Am a noob at these matter and this is going to be my first car actually 🙂 and been net-re-searching crv,rav , forest, and tiguans, finally decided on tigs even thou gonna bust another 5k but i feel its worth it

    so by mid june we can start ordering? when will u give us another peice of precious insider scoop 🙂 about the looks and stuff

    any ways thanks again Jay

    • The best deal on a Tiguan right now is a Tiguan Wolfsburg edition with Nav. You will get everything you need!

      • Almost everything…we looked at the Wolfsburg’s successor (2011 SE) today and found that the car is great (esp. sandstone leatherette interior) but lacks one crucial option: rear-view camera. After having test-driven an SEL with this option, I cannot imagine living without it in the city (where parallel parking and backing out of garage into narrow alleys are daily trials).

        Is it possible to retrofit the RNS315 that comes in the SE with the camera without having to upgrade to the RNS-510?

      • I am researching this as we speak

  14. I have three questions

    1. Will the manual be available on SE or SEL models?

    2. Will the front receive the new VW nose or will that be for 2012?

    3. Will the DSG finally be available for 2012?


  15. thx jay, so u suggest not waiting for 2011 and just go for wolfy? Saw some net rumors like the 2011 tig engine gonna be slightly modified so it will get more mileage and wont have to use prem gas. Any truth to these assumptions? and like Ed asked, no nose job for old tiggy?

    • Doc, I saw the same information in numerous places about a more efficient engine and was hoping for DSG and/or the the 211hp 258 foot pound Audi version with valve lift. I have that engine in my 2010 A4 Quattro with 6spd manual and can easily pull 37-38 mpg in highway traffic, and if I follow the speed limit at 65mph, I can get over 40mpg. In the city, I get around 25-28mpg. In comparison, the best I could get was 32-34mpg highway in my 2008 GTI which was over 500lbs lighter and didn’t have the drag of AWD. So the new motor is definitely worth it in torque and fuel mileage. I saw they began mounting it transversely with DSG in the 2011 Audi TT, so I guess it’s possible, but not likely.


    • we wont see the facelifted Tig for a few months, the current engine runs just fine on regular.

  16. Kenneth Frankel

    Any info on GTI-R…?… Saw something on the internet about increased horsepower as well as AWD…. Is this model coming to the U.S. this year ?…At all ??….Sounds like a homerun and worth waiting for,,,,

  17. Hey Jay,
    I was wondering if you could explain the difference between the SE and the Wolfsburg edition of the Tiguan. I am trying to determine in terms of price what makes the difference.

    I have noticed that the Volkswagen site no longer has SE as an available trim option. So does that mean it is the same as the Wolfsburg and has all the same features/options? thanks.

  18. Hi Jay,

    Where is your dealerhip located.


  19. Jay,

    Panoramic Roof.
    Sandstone Leather/Leatherette seats.
    Reflex Silver Metallic or Candi White
    18″ Rims.
    AWD & FWD $
    4 Motion $
    Navi With/Without $

    Shopping Price not payments.
    May buy out at lease end.
    O Down.

    Thanks Jay!

  20. I have a few questions

    1)Will the 2011 Tiguan SE offer Leather seats as an option?

    2)Does the Leatherette seats have the same multi-function power options as the Leather Seats in the SEL?

    3) will the 2011 run on Prem or Regular Gas?

    How much price difference would there be between:
    (I want the White Gold Metallic with Sandstone Leather)

    A) SE w/ AWD 4 motion with leather seats and Nav Package with back-up camera (Is this a model that I could find)
    B) SEL w/AWD 4 motion and Nav package with backup camera


  21. Confused by your responses. When will face lifted 2011 Tiguan be available? Will there be any engine changes later in 2011 model? Willthe 2011 incorporate any changes in European model?

  22. Stephanie Hirai

    I am a manual transmission only type of girl. I test drove an automatic Tiguan(Wolfsburg) yesterday and decided I like it over the Nissan Xterra. Only problem is, they don’t have a manual on the lot and say that it is like finding a needle in a hay stack. If I were to order a 2011 would I get what I want, or should I try the Auto package?

    • Hi Stephanie, not sure where you are but I saw one in Portland, OR and noted that there were a few shown on local dealer websites in our area. Although my understanding is that the manual is only available on the 2011 S level.

  23. Jay, am I correct that you’re saying that it’s all right to run the 2 liter turbo on regular, not premium? This means I paid too much for gas the entire time I owned my Audi TT! Thanks!

  24. very informative article. Now that is some great deal of specs and info.

  25. Re: “The Tiguan would require urea injection to meet EPA requirements, unfortunately the vehicle is not designed for such system.”

    The 2010+ Jetta Sportswagen does not require urea injection to meet EPA requirements. So why would putting this same 2.0 TDI engine in the Tiguan require urea injection to meet EPA requirements?


  26. I still think the Tiguan needs to ditch the goofy name that was stuck on the vehicle. I know people voted for it in a magazine, but honestly, it needs a better name for the American market.

  27. Hi, we are looking to buy a Tiguan. Only requirements are AWD and back up camera. Are we stuck paying for a 2011 SEL with the premium package? Are the 2011 models a huge improvement over the older models or can we save a few dollars buying a used vehicle with those options? Thanks!

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