Rejoice! New bluetooth is coming!

People have been complaining for months about the  9W2/9W3 feature discrepancy well looks like all those angry letter and blog post all over the internet have paid off. For 2011 Volkswagen introduces a new bluetooth system knows as 9W7.

This new system combines the best features of both the 9W2 (music streaming) and 9W3 (voice dial and phonebook downloading).

2011 Golf, GTI, Tiguan, CC and Eos can be ordered now if you are interested in having the latest and greatest.

No word yet on how it can be retrofitted to older models and at what cost.


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  1. This is fantastic news! I’m so glad I checked the blog. I’ll wait for my 2011 Golf TDI. 😀

  2. I’m guessing it would be a stretch to assume they will retrofit for free, eh?

  3. 9W7 Modules (VW PN- 7P6035730C)

    speculations flying around they are around $700

  4. Hey Jay

    Nice site. I JUST bought a 2010 Jetta TDI sportwagen two days ago and was trying to get a phonebook to work. I watched the video on the vw owners site and then found your site. I like my car but considering the fact that I have a $1700 radio nav option, the idea that there are cripple features is really bad. Handsfree calling means handsfree. This is a major oversight that customers cannot make outgoing calls without fumbling around with their phone. At the VERY LEAST, VW should greatly discount the module to owners.

    • they have modified the writing to say “call receiving” in 2011 Model year this will no longer be an issue.

      • Hey Jay

        As of Tuesday this week the wording was not modified. I used the site to build my tdi using the build tool. I clicked on the button compare 2010 trims and it states that the SE has “call receiving” but the tdi is listed as Hands free calling system with voice control. The manuals given to me also match the site describing the feature. The front of manual is Jetta Sportwagen. The issue isn’t that they may someday have the feature. It is that they are advertising that this year’s model has it when it does not.

      • I am aware and so is VW. I wish there was something more I could do.

  5. 2nd comment.

    What led me to search the net on how to use the store numbers feature I mentioned above is that the phonebook would not work as shown on vw’s site under the Jetta’s welcome owner video. The girl demonstrates how “if you have the optional nav unit, how to store phone numbers and call”. What makes it strange is that the Jetta wagen is not a Jetta? It is not listed separately. The nav unit is depicted as the option, not the trim level. I just watched your video on Bluetooth and also read the post that says something about $600!!! That is unreasonable. I just hope my experience is better in other matters.

  6. clark inthedark

    Forgive the perhaps silly question, but how would I know by looking at the sticker in the window of a new car of it has the 9w7? I would ask the salesperson, but they often have a hard time explaining even the simplest things. To give you an idea, I asked about RCD510 and I got blank stare and then some mess about spare tires.

  7. In mid-May I bought a 2010 Jetta TDI. I can’t get my Bluetooth (9W3) to work reliably, either with my phone or any of my family members’ phones.

    The pairing process was initially a problem but I finally got my phonebook to download. Now when I get in the car, the phone initializes and I’m able to make/receive calls. However after a short time (5-10 minutes) the Bluetooth disconnects. I can force another initialization, but it will just disconnect again. As it is, the Bluetooth feature is worthless.

    The dealer says they can’t find anything wrong. VW corporate offered apologies and referred me to a list of compatible phones. Unfortunately, Verizon (the largest provider in the US) has only one phone on the list. Bluetooth specifications should ensure compatibility regardless of manufacturer.

    Has anyone experienced similar problems?

  8. Hey Jay

    I am not meaning for you to do something about the issue regarding Bluetooth and it is clear that they are correcting the error on the 2011 models. That does not however change the situation for those with the 2010 model. People are upset about it because it is a shocker. When I visited the dealer and first shopped for the car they had no brochures. I used the internet to study the features of the car. I was happy to find a very similar feature set as my Infiniti. After delivery I thought something was not working only to find by contacting VWOA that it was not a part of the car. Then I read the posts by many owners like myself surprised after the fact. It is obviously a sore issue for VW for when I called about it the initial conversation was positive regarding my purchase, etc. then when I was put on hold and the rep returned she read a legal disclaimer. What can they say? They should take it off the website though because that set the expectation for me. It is STILL listing the voice controlled Bluetooth on the TDI wagen in the Build it config – the first place I went before buying.

  9. what about a 2009 cc that has no bluetooth module under the passengers seat…. would the 9w7 be something that can be installed?

  10. Does anyone know what the differences between the 9W7 module B, C and D relate to……? The modules have part#’s ending with the different alphabets, e.g 7P6035730B

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