2011 Volkswagen CC change points

For 2011 Volkswagen is making big changes to the CC line up. Among the big changes is making navigation standard equipment on the entire line up but the Sport model. VW is also dropping the FWD VR6 model in favor of the AWD model at the top of the range. The full breakdown of changes follows:

– Sport includes standard features plus 17‐inch “Phoenix” alloy wheel and the same standard features as MY2010 CC Sport (minus fog lamps), 9W7 Bluetooth, MDI interface

– CC R‐Line Package (W72) still available on Sport, does include fog lamps

– Lux includes standard features above plus fog lamps,, heated washer nozzles, 18‐inch “Daytona” alloy wheels, dual‐zone Climatronic climate control, brushed aluminum interior with chrome rings on window switches/door panels, and new RNS315 navigation system. NOTE: “Lux” does NOT have the following features: Homelink, Park Distance Control, Sunroof, leather sport seats, or memory seats/mirrors.

– Lux Plus includes features above plus: RNS510 navigation system, rearview camera, footwell lighting, Homelink, dash and door inserts in Vavona wood trim, tilting panoramic sunroof

– Lux Limited includes features above plus: bi‐xenon headlights with AFS, and 18‐inch “Interlagos” alloy wheels

– VR6 4MOTION Executive includes features above plus: 18‐inch polished “Interlagos” alloy wheels, heated and ventilated front seats, memory seats/mirrors, paddle shifters, power rear sunshade, premium MFI display, standard 4MOTION all‐wheel drive, Park Distance Control sensors, headlight washer system, Dynaudio

Other changes:

– Island Gray exterior color no longer available

‐ Mocha Anthracite exterior color no longer available

‐ Fog Lights deleted on Sport

– Rear side thorax airbags (4X4) no longer available

– V‐Tex leatherette seating standard, black or cornsilk, no leather seats available on 2.0 TSI models

– Cornsilk beige two‐tone leather no longer available on VR6

– Black leather seats standard on VR6 4MOTION model

– Voice‐controlled Bluetooth (9W7) with audio streaming and phonebook download standard

– MDI with iPod cable now standard

– Delete Dynaudio sound system option (available with VR6 4MOTION model only)

– New RNS315 navigation system standard in Lux

– RNS510 navigation system standard in Lux Plus, Lux Limited and VR6 Executive

– New heated AND ventilated leather seats standard on VR6 Executive

– VR6 Models now available with 4MOTION all‐wheel drive only, no more front‐wheel drive VR6 models

Big thanks to Paul Semhon for collaborating for this post


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  1. Hi Jay,

    Any info on whether the 9W7 kit will be available for retrofit in earlier CC models?


  2. Thanks for the update. Any word on US availability of the 5-seater option for the CC? Some of us have three kids! 🙂

  3. 1) Does the sport still come with the RCD510?
    2) Is pricing available yet?

  4. Will the 6 MT be available in only the Sport model as in 2010?

  5. Nathan Elkins

    Is the 2011 version of the VW CC VR6/4Motion going to come with the DSG transmission, like in the rest of the whole freaking world? I refuse to buy a sissified automatic transmission d@mmit! I want to be able to shift for myself. If they don’t, I’ll be buying someone elses top-line, fully-loaded car. It won’t look as good but it’ll be a far better car! Thanks!

  6. DSG on VW cc 4Motion. Will it be coming to the platform in 2011 models?


  7. Any chance you think this feature will make it to the USA CC for 2011?

    “Dynamic Drive Control-The CC features VW’s Dynamic Drive Control adjustable suspension that offers “Normal”, “Sport” and “Comfort” modes. Starting with one of those three basic settings, the suspension constantly adapts to the roadway and the driving situation. DDC also reacts to acceleration, braking and steering inputs.”

    I copied that from the following website with alleged 2011 Euro CC specs, http://www.leftlanenews.com/volkswagen-cc.html#

  8. I find it odd that “island gray” isn’t going to be available for 2011! It looks great on that car and I had been told it’s a popular color on the passat as well.
    Any color additions? I might have to go for the 2010 b/c island gray is my first color choice. It sounds like the only thing I’ll be giving up by not waiting for the 2011 is the ventilated seats if i’m going for a 4motion version.

  9. I am with kristian, I love the Island gray color. Jay do you know when 2011 will be available? I plan to buy 2010 Luxury, but I was wondering when the 2011 will be available to compare and see if really worth the wait.

  10. Hi,

    Any changes to the body at all? I heard they may be changing the front and back for 2011. Hope not, I just bought a 2010.

    Thank you


  11. Any hope of a diesel CC?

  12. Hi Jay
    What is the latest update on the 2011 CC V6 4Motion. Price/Standard Equipment/ Color.I am in the process to buy, but thinking of changing due to not enough time to make a complete decission. Many other compaines have already advertise their offers, to include VW Phaton, whom is Volkswagen.


  13. I would greatly appreciate if you can answer.. I am looking at the vw cc 2010 (non navigation model),, will that work for bluetooth music streaming via ipad, iphone4, or blackberry? Also will the ipad work via the mdi connector.. Thank you..

  14. If the cornsilk beige is no longer available, what other color will be available other than black on the 2011 CC 4 motion?

  15. You have your choice of ventilated Black Napa leather or ventilated Black Napa leather, what ever one you prefer 🙂

  16. I’m in need of a serious answer quick!! Is the 2011 worth it over the 2010?? any techinical changes?? were gonna get a 2011 but found a deal for a 2010 new that will save 2500…worth it to change to the 2010??

  17. When are the 2011 CC’s going to be available? I have npt been able to find any news on a release date.

  18. I have a 2010 CC Sport best car ever driven 2011 is basically the same as the 2010.

  19. Jay,

    When will DSG be added to 4Motion Executive cc? 2011.5? 2012?

  20. I believe VW discontnued Island Gray because when Hyundai stole the body style of theCC they also released it in Island Gray. Maybe I’m wrong. Just a thought

  21. Yikes! Real wood but fake leather and they call it LUX? How much more can leather inserts add to the bottom line? The TSX, IS, A4 all have leather, even the new Regal. Too bad really because the only choice for leather means much lower gas mileage and not much more performance. VW has a really nice grey that comes on the Tiguan. They need to add it along with some leather on the LUX PLUS.

    • Amen to that. I have a 2010 2.0T Lux with Leather….. Not a good move VW! Take away the leather option for the 2011 2.0T models? I couldn’t believe it when I heard it. This is not the right move in a time when we should be promoting cars with better fuel economy. Especially the 2.0T, what an awesome engine & tranny combo! Excellent performance and good fuel economy. Why would they not expect people to want leather seating in a car with this engine! Just plain ridiculous!

      • Well, I was going to switch from BMW to VW…however after reading all this….Im sticking with BMW!!!!

  22. Dont get me wrong, other than the stupid move of no leather available on 2.0T models, the CC is an excellent car. It performs excellent, everybody loves its styling, it has a great interior and its super fun to drive! Just buy a 2010 leftover then you can get the 2.0T with the leather. Id rather have a CC than a 3 series any day. Now a 5 or 7 series, thats a different story… 😉

  23. 2.0T + DSG 7-speed + 4-Motion
    No leather
    Only black interior
    No Dynaudio
    None opening sunroof

    No sale for us…damn, I really, really like the looks of the vehicle!

  24. I ordered a highline 2011 cc r-line three months ago, should be here in about a month. I ordered it with a six speed standard, 2.0t, and with the two tone cornsilk beige and black interior, and with no navigation system, if i’m reading this right what am i going to recieve in a month. I’m in Canada does that make any difference?

  25. Jay,

    Thank you so much for the great breakdown, very useful!

  26. WHEN…
    will Volkswagen respect U.S. diesel consumers and allow us the option of a CC with TDI and DSG? They’re WAY overdue!

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