2011 GTI Autobahn and Tiguan SEL get keyless go!

As part of the 2011 upgrades volkswagen is adding KESSY keyless unlock and starting to the 2011 GTI Autobahn and Tiguan SEL trim levels. In case you dont know how this works here is Volkswagen’s explication:

KESSY Locking And Starting System, electronic

The KESSY electronic locking and starting system offers the driver extremely convenient and secure access to the vehicle, without having to lay hands on the KESSY transmitter (AKA Key fob). The system is made up of two components used by the driver: the transmitter and the starter module. The transmitter only has to be carried by the driver, and the starter module is built into the dashboard/steering column depending on model . Within a radius of 1.5 metres around the vehicle, the transmitter switches the system to “Open” after rolling codes have been exchanged between the key and the vehicle. Then the doors, trunk or tailgate can be opened after touching the door handles or the logo on the tailgate (GTI). Once the driver is seated behind the steering wheel, the steering lock has already been released and the electrical system has been activated. Before that, rolling codes have once more been checked automatically between the vehicle and the key. The engine is started simply by pressing the starter button. The locking process is also extremely simple. One press on the buttons located in the exterior door handles activates central locking, including the automatic close function. Should the key have been left inside the vehicle by mistake, the system will refuse to lock the vehicle. In this way KESSY offers the driver the ultimate convenience and maximum security.


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  1. Cool that VW is adding this functionality, but that’s a rather cheesy/half-assed implementation of the push button unfortunately.

  2. So it will not have the Folding keys?! dammit those keys are awesome!!!

  3. But how do you use it as a back up? I don’t see any place to insert the key… do you mean only for keyless entry, and not keyless start?

  4. how do you start the 2011 Tiguan SEL with the valet key?

    • I will look into this guys I dont have one yet but as soon as I do I will find the answer

      • Timothy Scofield

        To start a 2011 Tiguan SEL with the push button start using the valet key you need to hold the valet key next to the plastic cover where the ignition should be and press the start button. I have not found where VW has stated this directly, but I was able to figure it out by reading the manual where it talks about emergency starting. I assume it is the same on 2011 GTIs with the autobahn package.

        Fellow VW salesman
        Timothy Scofield

      • it is the same for the GTI and upcoming Jetta SEL

  5. How do you program the the key fob to the memory seat settings with the new keyless system? The steps in the manual say to put the key in the ignition, but there is no ignition!

  6. I have a 2011 Tiguan SEL and love it. Took it in to the dealer today for the 90 day check up. Asked what the value of the valet key was as you can’t start the car because there is no place to insert the key. No one knew. They explained the uncovering of the lock on the door handle but nothing about the ingnition. Thanks so much for your help. Hold the key next to the place where the key should be inserted (if there was a hole) and it works like a charm. Still – uncapping a piece of the handle is and unacceptable solution. Atleast i no longer think they’re silly.

  7. Does KESSY for the GTI have the Easy Open trunk feature as this video shows for the 2012 Passat? Great for when you have your hands full.

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