Coming to America! The RNS-310

Volkswagen has just informed us that in 2011 the RNS310 will replace the RNS-510 in some models, (GTi and Golf to name a few) so till I can get my hands on one here is the info I just got from VW.

A one-stop solution

The RNS 310 radio navigation system is a true all-rounder, combining a cutting edge radio system with precise navigational support. And, thanks to its intuitive 5-inch touchscreen, it’s child’s play to use. Along with its easy to understand maps, the system has many practical features to help you reach your destination with the minimum of stress.

Two operating concepts

Using the RNS 310 could not be easier: the high-resolution, touch-sensitive colour display can be operated either in touchscreen mode or with buttons. The turn-push button concept allows you to use the system safely when driving while the touchscreen provides quick access when you are stationary. The flexible processor generates excellent graphics, which means you will always be able to see what’s going on.

3D navigation

With the RNS 310, taking the right road is part of the package. This is guaranteed by the digital card material supplied with the radio navigation system, which displays the driver’s home country in detail as well as all major routes in the rest of Europe. The clear 3D or bird’s-eye view and the automatic zoom-in and zoom-out features for making turns always help you find your way. Thanks to the practical SD card feature, the contents of several navigation CDs for different countries can be saved, allowing you to drive with confidence even to destinations outside your own country.

Multimedia X4

With the RNS 310, you can do much more than just listen to the radio: you can also play CDs and even connect your MP3 player – thanks to the practical AUX-IN socket. In addition, the SD card slot allows you to play back additional navigational material or audio files saved on an SD card in MP3 or WMA format. Or how about listening to an audio book next time you’re on a long journey?

24 of your favorite station

The RNS 310 includes a radio with two tuners and two FM antennae that give you excellent reception; you can also store up to 24 of these stations on the radio for faster access. Thanks to the TMC (traffic message channel), you receive up-to-date traffic information – either depicted on the map or in a list. If you wish, the RNS 310 can even automatically suggest an alternative route to help you avoid annoying tailbacks

A multitude of options

The RNS 310 is a complete package as it stands but if you want, it can do even more: it can be used with the mobile phone adapter set or for the optical parking system (OPS) for instance. Information on the Climatronic air conditioning system can also be shown on the system’s touchscreen while an iPod or USB stick can also be used through the MEDIA-IN feature, making the RNS 310 your Volkswagen’s central display and control unit.


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  1. well, i have one rns-310 y sounds very good, the problem rigth now is that teleatlas dont have cd maps for noth america, i hope that in 2011 maps are availible.

  2. damm i sell mine yesterday by 300usd jejeje

  3. hmm..VWOA’s bringing another nav unit when they can’t even support current rns-510 owners with up-to-date firmware and map updates the rest of the world currently enjoys. 😦

  4. Will this system be made available in non-TDI/non-GTI Golfs (those with the 2.5L 5 cylinder)?

  5. Any word on which radios (nav & non-nav) have HDRadio receivers?
    I’ve read the RNS-510 can receive HDRadio but only the primary channel, no subchannels… is this correct?

  6. Is the RNS-315 traffic-capable (i.e. if I get a subscription to SIRIUS Traffic) or can only the RNS-510 handle traffic information? I would like to buy a 2011 Tiguan but don’t know if I would have to go all the way up to the SEL model (with the RNS-510) to get traffic on the nav.

  7. Hi, I have a 2010 VW Caddy Maxi Life here in the UK with the RNS 310 fitted. I am trying to find a retrofit bluetooth unit that will use the RNS 310 functionality. I have fitted a Fiscon unit to my sons Golf with an RNS 510 and would like a similar unit. I have a full height red DIS but no multifunction steering wheel. I can control the highline DIS by the wiper stalk buttons.

  8. I have the new RNS 310. It is supposed to be loaded with NA maps, but I can’t find a way to switch it to Canada maps. Any help will be appreciated.

  9. So, I bought 2 new 2011 VWs a Touareg and a CC each with the nav system. On one, when in 3D, even at close range, there is a blue line horizon across the top occupying about 1″ of the top of the screen. What’s with that?

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