Rumor: Jetta Sportwagen to loose the ‘Jetta” badge

This rumor has been going around for months now, but now it is semi corfirmed. When looking at the 2011 Model year  line up that goes live tomorrow I noticed that  the Jetta SportWagen shows up only as a “SportWagen”.

This move would make  tons of sence since the Jetta VI that debuts this fall and the Sportwagen wont share as much anymore.  VW did the same to the Jetta GLI in 2007 when it changed the name from Jetta GLI to simply GLI.

P.S. The US is the only country that calls this model a Jetta.


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  1. They should badge the car as a Golf as they do in Europe. But of course that might confuse people here in the states.

  2. Jay, do you see xenons as an option or sports suspension for 2011?

    This is after all a “sportwagen”.

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