Can’t get bluetooth streaming to work on your VW? watch this video!


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  1. great info

  2. Great video and it works, kind of. I searched your archives and online to find out if there is some kind of limit to the number of songs on an iTouch (or iPod) and the functionality of the touchscreen system in the Jetta sportwagen with the 9W2?

    With the iTouch connected via the cable in the arm rest (2010 Sportwagen, 2 weeks old), the touchscreen always defaults to list of songs and when I try to get Artists or Playlists it frequently gives up and displays an error message that the Media isn’t working. I have to unplug and replug to get it to acknowledge it again.

    Touchscreen is really slow to respond to scrolling or even to move back to a different menu with the iTouch.

    Maybe a smaller player is needed?? Is this a common problem?

  3. Finally this is explained! My dealership just wanted to install the Ipod/Iphone kit and 400+ dollars later I bet it still would not have worked with BT. I wonder if I can find a wrecked car with the 9W2 module and swap it out. I could care less about the voice dial features.

  4. can you tell me the part numbers for the two different bluetooth modules? Is the warranty voided if this is done by me? If so, how can this be done so the warranty isn’t voided?

  5. Hi
    i own a 2010 Golf TDI wagon std transmission. I had 9w3 module installed to replace the 9w2, the car was reprogrammed via vag-com. The voice commands works well it even stores a phonebook all by voice command. One thing that does not work is the MFD+, I am unable to download my contact list into the MFD+, although I have received calls when in the car the MFD+ does not show any data in the received call part nor does it show any data show up in the recent calls and no data is shown in the contacts, do you have any suggestion, I suspect it is a programming issue

  6. Jay – Please disregard my earlier note. Just took me a while longer to find this post. Thank you!

  7. ok, i read and watched as much as I could, now my radio 510 (not gps) with integrated bluetooth, can0t di bluetooth audio, i have activated it in the setup menu, but if I try to play a track from nokia n97 mini or android phone, the music plays wether you have the bluetooth audio activated, but it plays in mono not stereo as when I plugged into media-in or usb…. Actually if I’m in MEDIA Menu, I can see the BT-Audio icon at the top of the screen, but it’s graded out…

    are androids and nokias not compatible with this????? I also tried a htc diamond (windows based) with no luck, with this terminal the sound doesn’t even play through the speakers… I ha ve been to the taller but the guys there don’t have a clue….


  8. by the way my car is a vw golf variant 2010

  9. Hi there Jay!

    Great info.

    I am amazed by the fact that VW can sell new cars not supporting iPhone and other smartphones. I just got hold of a early 2010 VW Tiguan – with the RNS510 and the preium phone package. When I try to connect my iPhones (4 and 3GS), it says invalid device… (yes, I live in Norway, and it is a European Tiguan). So I guess my unit still uses rSAP?

    Is there anything I can do? Change the blouetooth module?

    All I want to do is to make calls using the built-in buttons and mic in the dome light area, use the phone buttons on my steering wheel, AND ALSO use A2DP music streaming.

    Is there any solution for this? Is there any way I can check for what bluetooth module I have? Version#? Part#? Where is it located?


    Oystein Saebo

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