How to use Memory seats on your Volkswagen


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  1. Barry Pendergast

    I can easily do this on my Tiguan the challenge I and many others are having is assigning the key to this setting – any help appreciated. I’ve tried every solution including the one in the handbook.

  2. I would have to agree with that. A follow up video with the key-to-vehicle programming would be greatly appreciated!

  3. Same here!! Memory settings to key assigning instructional video would be great!! The manual just does not provide adequate instructions on this.

  4. Hi, i’m from Saudi Arabia and i just bought a VW CC 2011 V6.
    Your videos are so useful, thank you VW sales guy 😀

    • Hatem
      I Have been to the Gulf area and would love to see some pics of what you guys are doing to your CC’s Over there. I am on my second CC. I totaled my first in a head on collision, so it saved my life i went back for another. Send me an email if you like and i’d like to trade some pics and such. J Duke

  5. My first CC i had zero problems assinging seat memory and driver(key) memory. Now I have a 2010 and can not get any memory functions to work. What gives? Note I am able to program the passenger side mirror to lower when in reverse as with my first CC. Please help. Thank You

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