Want parking sensors for your VW? You got it!!

For those feeling left out because their VW did not come with factory installed parking sensors here is something that will put a smile on your face. VW is now offering a retro fit kit for  for the following models:

Rabbit MK5   2006 to 2009

Jetta MK5   2005.5 to 2010

GTI MK5   2006 to 2010

GLI MK5   2006 to 2009

Golf MK6   2010 to 2010

GTI MK6   2010 to 2010

Tiguan   2009 to 2010

Part Number:   1K0-054-630-B
Park Distance Control
Backup warning 4 sensors, acoustic warning function. The park distance control, with 4 sensors and acoustic warning function provides additional safety when parking. This park distance control is easy to install and effectively helps avoid unsightly damage to the bumpers when reversing. A short sound emitted when reverse gear is engaged indicates that the system is active. The closer the vehicle comes to the obstacle, the more frequently the signal is emitted. The microprocessor-controlled park distance control function is automatically activated when reverse gear is selected and checks for errors using the self diagnostic function. Sensors can be painted so they blend unobtrusively into the overall vehicle image. Electrical connection to the reversing light is easy requiring no routing of cables to the front of the vehicle. The park distance control function has an intelligent set-up function. For example, rigid towing hitches are not incorrectly detected as obstacles. Complete with control unit, four sensors, sound source, connection cables, fitting material, fitting and operating instructions.

This kit retails for about $600 including installation and it is available at your friendly local Volkswagen dealer .


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  1. Just had this installed on my 2010 GTI but so far the beeping doesn’t speed up when moving closer to an obstacle. This is wrong, right?

  2. Hi, does this work for the 2010 Jetta SW as well?



  3. Hi Jay,

    I have the RNS 510 radio in a 2010 VW golf. I am regretting that I did not get the parking sensors (rear and front). The system you’ve described- is there any way to integrate it into the RNS 510 so that it displays the distance on screen as it does with the factory sensors? If so, does this cost more? What about front sensors? Are they also available after factory? Thanks,Eric

  4. I am wondering if these sensors, when installed by the dealer, match the color of the bumber. Meaning, if I get a white car, will there be. Black circles along the bumper or do they blend in nicely? Also does this work with t
    He nav system for 2011?

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