R.I.P. Volkswagen Passat!

Volkswagen of America has put the final nail on the Passat’s cofin with a simple statement to dealers

This is the LAST month for the current Passat Sedan/Passat Wagon ordering. NO MY 11 Vehicles will be replacing these


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  1. What?!?

    Oh, CC = Passat, right?

    Nice blog BTW…

  2. CC is staying, Passat sedan and wagon are going bye bye

  3. And yet another car with head room for tall people has been lost in the market place. Thank you VW.

    I guess lots of short people work at VWOA.

  4. I kinda got that impression. I noticed for a while that the models were very limited (i.e. no V6, etc.) much like the b5 passat (which strangely got 1.8T 4motion towards the end). Hopefully the CC will come down a little in price as a result.

  5. well, bummer! We just bought a Passat yesterday and love it!

  6. I was one of the Escalade and the Ford Fuzion V6. In the end, lux interior markings had more than my wife so this Passat. This is a nice clean sedan. The interior is inspiring with soft touch dash and clean Teutonic lines.

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