New Features on the RNS-510 firmware update 1000


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  1. Nice features added in this latest update … any idea if this firmware, or features of it, are available for the RCD-510?

  2. Not sure if the RCD510 will get the updates

  3. Which Bluetooth is in this RNS-510??

  4. Jay, is there any where users can go to download the iso of the new firmware? Just went in for my 10k service and asked for a update an the Service Writer looked at me like i had a 3rd eye and sent me to the parts department. The guy in the parts department sent me to the sales manager who quickly sent me back to the service writer. I’m thinking this is something better tackled on my own.

  5. Thanks Jay.. wish my vw dealership had a sales guy as in tune as you are.

  6. Any update on the availability on this update to the RNS 510?


  7. Jay, by now you know you received a call from Lindsay VW up here in NOVA, on my behalf. They also put in a call to VW HQ. I’m disappointed that this upgrade IS NOT available for the 2010 Tiguan SEL. I, like other viewers of your blog, find your info invaluable, however, in this particular case, you did not do the “due diligence”. Your video specifically states “should be available soon for current owners” If you had specifically stated that this upgrade is NOT backwards compatible with earlier generations of the RNS510, then I wouldn’t have gotten all excited that this is available for my ride.

    So please, before you put out information that an upgrade is available, please do your research. Putting out info as you did, left me with egg on my face with my service advisor!

    Vince in Leesburg.

  8. My service advisor said he spoke with you and you confirmed that it will NOT work on the 2010 Tiguan SEL. So he has misspoken or you have. What’s the ground truth here?

  9. I’m sorry, but you’re ducking the issue. You told my service adviser that my ride is not compatible. He called you, not that gentleman at vwvortex. If you want me to have Lindsay VW call you tomorrow, to revisit that conversation, then I will. And if you persist in denying what you stated, then I’ll lodge a formal protest with VW HQ.

    • I never said it wasn’t compatible, I know it is. I understand your frustrations but unfortunately I don’t work at VW HQ, The folks at Linsay have access to the same information I have. I told him it wasnt available because it is not available for public consumption yet.

      • Vincent Black

        I understand you don’t work for VWoA, but you do work for VW and have access to the same technical resources that my service advisor accesses.

        I’m not trying to be disagreeable here. When you stated “The update is backwards compatible, A member of VW vortex and VW employee has it installed on his 2009 CC”, I asked my service advisor to again call VWoA and inquire. He called on 4/29. Whoever he spoke with, emphatically stated that the 2010 Tiguan SEL with RNS510 factory installed is NOT backwards compatible to FW1000. I’ve no access to VWoA, but you do. Might I suggest you contact them and ask them specifically if my vehicle is compatible? Afterall, your video did state ““should be available soon for current owners” If, when you call, you confirm what my service advisor discovered, then perhaps you should revise your video with the appropriate language.

        Thanks, Vince.

  10. Vincent,

    Why don’t you wait until the update is actually released, then throw stones if it doesn’t work? What do you want Jay to do, wipe the egg off your face for you with a wet towel?

  11. Vincent Black

    Vincent Black :
    Whoever he spoke with, emphatically stated that the 2010 Tiguan SEL with RNS510 factory installed is NOT backwards compatible to FW1000.
    Thanks, Vince.

    Oooops, got my sentence structure backwards. That sentence should read “Whoever he spoke with, emphatically stated that the FW1000 is NOT backwards compatible with the factory installed RNS510 in the 2010 Tiguan SEL.”

  12. do you have a part number for the new firmware. i talked to my service adviser and the shop foreman looked at it said i am on the newest firmware with SW0380

  13. Can the new software be downloaded from anywhere? I purschased a 2010 touareg and would like to down load it to get the new features.

  14. i have a 2009 VW GTI with the RNS-510 Navigation system, recently my nav. has been acting strange, giving me incorrect reading about my current position. I want to update my system with the RNS-510 Navigation firmware 1000 update, sadly have no idea how.
    P.S. what is this backwards compatibility i am hearing about and how would it correlate with my problem?

  15. Hi Jay, I own a 2009 2-door GIT, and i would like to know if the update mentioned in your video is available yet. Thanks for all your help.

  16. Dear Jay,
    i have a problem with my RNS 510 since the day i got my MK VI.
    the problem is with my navigation position, its always showing that i am some were in Europe. took it to the service center and they have re-installed the navigation map but with no use.
    any suggestion???

  17. Hello, I was also interested when (and if) the 1000 firmware update will be available for existing owners of the RNS-510 units?

  18. I recently bought a Passat CC with RNS-510 and I worked well with my Blackberry 9800 for a couple of days and now it suddenly stopped connecting to my BB 9800 ! I have tried over & over to reconnect them. Any ideas ? Please advise.

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