How to access settings menu if you don’t have a multi-funtion steering wheel (Golf 2.5, Jetta SW 2.5 SE)


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  1. I was disappointed to find that my new 2010 Jetta 2.5 SE was not equipped with the MFD and controls that my 2005 2.5 SE had. But I saw in another forum that there were various “hacks” involving using the conventional controls. For example, how to turn DRL on and off with the directional lever and ignition key, and the same post also alluded to changing the number of “courtesy” flashes when the directional lever was partially depressed. Do you know of any other, especially changing the remote entry to one click instead of two to unlock all doors? Along the same lines, are you aware of any “hacks” to the Premium 8 RCD510 touchscreen radio?

  2. You can access the audio channel and the current CD song with the BC, but can you also adjust the volume?

  3. Do these buttons are on a sportline model (Golf 2.5 with touch-screen radio, WITHOUT multifunctions steering, sports seats, sunroof)? I would like to know if I can access this MFI menu in my future Golf Sportline (Canadian). Thank you very much!

  4. In Canada and have a 2010 3dr Sportline 2.5 on order and was wondering what does it take to upgrade the standard sportline (comfortline) steering wheel to the highline/gti steering wheel. Do I need the control module as well as the steering wheel? Is there anything else?

    Great site by the way!

    • I am not sure how the canadians car are setup

      • I think they are setup like the 5dr comfortline but with the RCD-310 stereo. So stock steering wheel and no MFD in the cluster. I’m getting the cluster upgraded, just wondering if the steering wheel needs anything additional.

      • No prob. What does it take on a US 3dr w/o MFSW to upgrade to a highline MFSW? I know you need the steering wheel and the steering control module. Do you also need the clockspring/slip ring?

  5. Alfred :
    You can access the audio channel and the current CD song with the BC, but can you also adjust the volume?

    Do you have any idea Jay ?

  6. Is there anyway to change what is being displayed if you have neither the multi function steering wheel, nor the control on the lever that you are using in the video? My jetta shows the very useless km/hr which I really don’t need to know given that I am in the USA, and is also redundant as it is already shown on the speedo.

    • Ivaylo Dimitrov

      I have the same problem with my 2010 sport wagon ! It will be really interesting to know how to acces tha MFI!

  7. Hi, Thank you for such great video first.

    I can not activate the MFI menu by pressing the down key for two seconds, even 5+ seconds. I have a 3dr 2.5 golf mk6 2011 no multi function steering wheel. Do I actually have the MFI?

    Thank you,


  8. Ivaylo Dimitrov

    HEllo, My question is how to acces the MFI menu without having steering wheel button and without the buttons for that on the wippers?
    Thak you!

    I have a 2010 sport wagon and I think that everybody should be able to access the function menu without having the steering weel buttons and those on the wippers!

    Thank you

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